Young Sornram closed his heart, there was no way to return the old love, Kanchai allowed a new person until you have to raise your hand

Young Sornram cleared the news that there was a chance for Kung Ploy Kanittharin to say that there was no way for sure. reveals the state of the heart is empty but has not asked for anyone to enter Let’s focus on raising children – taking care of the mother. On the other hand, Num Kanchai has opened the way to allow anyone. until you have to raise your hand

Only saw the cuteness and gentleness of the father’s gang when the program 3 yummy Invite fathers and children to join the talks on the show by the hero. Young Sornram along with my beloved daughter Little Viji and another father Matthew Dean who come to exchange feelings that have changed since having a daughter. Young Kanchai The MC also asked deeply about the heart of Young Sornram for fans to know.

By the young man Sornram said that the clips of various mosquitoes seen playing with the child This is because during the epidemic, I have to be with my children more. Many brothers and sisters say that we should take advantage of this period as much as possible. Because if the child grows up, he won’t play with us anymore. Because at school he had a friend, while the young man Kanchai revealed that he had known Sornram for a very long time. never seen this angle Referred to as admitting that it was because of the younger Vichi that changed.

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Previously, he played with male children. But when the child grows up, he finds that he is a girl. We have to play with the baby softer, be gentle, cherish, and ask Young Kanchai why he is more gentle now. Kanchai admits that this is true. and was afraid that Mayu, her daughter, would meet a man like him

Young Sornram admits that now he understands the heart of his parents. In the past, when we were young, we listened to this sentence until we got bored. with basic sentences “You won’t know your parents until you are yourself.” I understand now It’s very true since having a child is not afraid of death. But we will love ourselves more. We have to stay as hard as we can to get our kids to shore, slow down, slow down everything. Thinking about the person behind you, how would you live without us?

While Matthew admits that his daughter Demi has softened up as well. Sometimes playing like when playing with Dylan, it’s too strong, he cries. Time to leave the house that must be delivered begging him to give him a hug I do not want to go to work until many times really weak

On the side of Mother Af Thaksorn asked Matthew if he had ever met a moment when his daughter called. Followed back home or not? Matthew said that he saw him often. When I answer the call, it’s Demi’s face. which knows who pressed the call Give, and you’ll see Lydia behind you.

Later, Num Kanchai opened up a question about the heart of Num Sornram, who had news that there might be a return with his ex-wife. The person replied, jokingly saying that this was a trending show, and said Rumors are rumors Confirm that he will not return to return for sure. Focus only on raising children and taking care of mothers. But let the mother-daughter meet if the normal situation is once a week Today, there are nannies, mothers and sisters to take care of the children.

When asked if there was anyone who came to touch the heart right now, Sornram replied clearly that he had not. And when asked if the other party has it, right? Sornram said that everyone was friends. and he gave priority to his children.

Young Sornram

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At that moment, Kanchai continued to ask, rubbing that Isn’t there anyone? But there’s news. Is he in the industry? What’s the matter personally? I don’t want to call. Ha Sornram, so today I would like to ask. On the side of Sornram, hurry up and tell me that when there is something. He saw on TV that he was reading his news. People called. Then the young man picked up the phone and told the audience that “Here, Sornram calls. arrived” but did not answer the call So didn’t fix the news.

In this regard, Num Kanchai also asked if you had any other people. Referred to once again that “do not have” When asked if he would open his heart to anyone else after this Sornram clearly replied that “No” When asked when to wait The owner replied that “Wait with me. When you allow me, I’ll open it.” Kanchai immediately returned that Allowed! As Sornram bowed to give thanks

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