Yun Ho-jung “Daejang-dong Special Prosecutor’s Office agrees to the election of the first officer… There is no problem with processing in March”

Yun Ho-jung, chairman of the Democratic Party’s emergency response committee and floor leader, announces the appointment of the emergency response committee at the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul on the morning of the 13th. 2022.3.13/News 1

“There will be no problem with the handling of the extraordinary parliamentary session in March because the opinions of the ruling and opposition parties were gathered,” said Yun Ho-jung, chairman of the emergency response committee of the Democratic Party of Korea.

Chairman Yoon met with reporters after announcing the results of the election of the non-captain at the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul on the morning of the 13th and said, “I remember that our party submitted the special prosecutor’s bill to the National Assembly and said that the people’s strength and the candidate, President-elect Yoon Seok-yeol, agreed to the special prosecutor.” said.

Previously, on the 3rd, the Democratic Party proposed a “special prosecutor’s request for investigation into allegations of the Daejang-dong development corruption case and related illegal loans, fraudulent investigations, and preferential treatment,” which appoints a special prosecutor using the Permanent Special Prosecutor’s Office Act on the 3rd and initiates an investigation. .

The People’s Power also proposed the Daejang-dong Special Prosecution Act last year, and at a rally on the 3rd, President-elect Yoon said, “If we only reveal the truth, whether it is the special prosecutor or anything else, we are in great favor.”

Chairman Yoon also said, “I feel responsible for the criticism that it is inappropriate to assume the role of the non-chairman, even though I am responsible for the loss of the presidential election. I don’t think I can escape that responsibility for anything.”

He continued, “The party non-captain system was launched 80 days before the local elections, and the previous leadership made a judgment that it was not appropriate to reorganize the non-captain during the election preparations, and the situation was explained at the general meeting of the members of the House of Representatives and understanding was obtained.” .

When asked about the cause of the presidential defeat, Chairman Yoon said, “It is not something we are going to discuss, as it should be objectively evaluated as to what kind of defeat this is. I plan to report it to the people later,” he said.

Regarding the local election strategy, Chairman Yoon said, “I think that there are people who have a lot of regret for supporting Candidate Jae-myung Lee in this election and losing too much. The only way is to do our best to support them.”

Reporter Dugaon