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[날씨] Beware of fine dust… A little bit of rain in the middle of the morning

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Today (27th), you need to be careful about ultra-fine dust everywhere as fine dust from overseas and residual fine dust flowed in.

Northern Gyeonggi Province, Gangwon Yeongseo, and Chungnam will show a bad stage once in the morning, and a bad stage is expected once in the afternoon around Jeonnam and Yeongnam regions.

Also, it will rain a little bit in the central region this morning. The amount will not be much, less than 5mm.

Also, there will be thick fog in various parts of the inland between dawn and morning.

It will be cloudy throughout the country, but it will gradually clear up in the afternoon.

Also, starting this afternoon, you should pay attention to swell waves on the Jeju coast and the east coast.

The morning temperature is expected to start at 10 degrees in Seoul and Cheongju and 7 degrees in Taebaek, while the daytime temperature is expected to be 18 degrees in Seoul, 19 degrees in Daejeon and Cheongju, 20 degrees in Jeonju and 22 degrees in Busan.

For the time being, the weather will continue without any rain.

(Meteorological Caster Jeon So-young)


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