[사회]An investigation into the ‘5 billion club’ is accelerating after a year and a half… direct evidence is key

Even during the first investigation, Park Young-soo’s suspicious transaction was known.
Suspicion of Hwacheon Daeyu councilor’s fee and sale of daughter’s apartment
A quiet investigation…檢 begins a mandatory investigation after a year and a half
Investigation clues based on account tracking… Direct evidence is key

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A year and a half after the suspicion of the so-called ‘5 billion club’ was raised, the prosecution’s investigation is accelerating.

In order to uncover the unspoken reality of the lobbying allegations, direct evidence beyond official statements is important.

The prosecution is in a position that they already have enough evidence and have secured the necessary data for the seizure and search.

This is Reporter Dayeon Kim.


Even during the first investigation into the suspicion of Daejang-dong, the circumstances of former special prosecutor Park Young-soo’s suspicious dealings were largely known.

The typical suspicions are that he received over 200 million earned in remuneration during his time as a councilor for Hwacheon Daeyu, and that his daughter also received 1.1 billion earned while working in Hwacheon Daeyu or sold an apartment in Daejang-dong at a lower price than the market price.

However, after several subpoenas, the investigation was quiet, and only recently, a year and a half after the so-called ‘5 billion club’ suspicions arose, was a mandatory investigation of former special prosecutor Park .

Prosecutors also brought new charges.

In addition to the previous suspicions, former special prosecutor Park, while serving as chairman of Woori Bank’s board of directors around 2014, noted the charges that he accepted or promised a loan or consortium bid from a private contractor in Daejang-dong.

The scale has reached 20 billion won.

The prosecution is confident that it has found clues to the investigation based on tracking accounts and officers’ statements, but what is key is whether there is ‘direct evidence’ or not.

Previously, the prosecution had a history of failing to prove all the charges in the first trial of former lawmaker Kwak Sang-do, a member of the ‘5 billion club’.

At that time, the court encountered not only the reality of the 5 billion club, but also the coming and going statements of the officials.

In particular, as for the lawyer Nam-wook, he noted that memories tend to fade over time, but it is difficult to accept the situation where he brings back specific memories of things that have been a long time ago.

Former Special Prosecutor Park also builds the logic that the search and seizure against him is an investigation based on the baseless statements of those involved.

The prosecution is in the position that they have launched a mandatory investigation based on sufficient evidence, and have brought enough necessary materials to search and seize the house and the bank.

However, it was already around 10 years ago, and while the investigation was slowing down, the parties had plenty of time to prepare for the investigation.

First of all, the timing of former special prosecutor Park’s summons is expected to be the main criterion for determining the success or failure of future prosecution investigations.

This is YTN Kim Da-yeon.

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