10 hours can’t help it! A 1-year-old girl falls into an underground well 15 meters deep and encounters obstacles, hoping for a miracle.

Rushed to help a child fall from an artesian tube to a depth of 15 meters. After 10 hours, he was still unable to help. The child’s mother is still crying all the time. Officers are still hearing children crying, encountering obstacles, hoping for a miracle.

At 1:00 pm on February 7, 2023, after Mrs. Ate, 20 years old, and Mr. Necho, 26 years old, husband and wife of Myanmar nationality. Carrying a girl, aged 1 year and 7 months, left the house to travel to work for a cassava digging machine in the area Rom Klao Charoensuk Village, Village No. 13, Khiri Rat Sub-District, Phop Phra District, Tak Province, and had accident while playing in a mound of earth and fell into an underground well drilling hole. The mouth of the hole is only 1 foot wide and about 15 meters deep.

The Payap Rescue Society team found a monk to save the Khiri Rat Sub-District Administrative Institute. Mae Sot Municipality, Tak Province, Mae Sot Branch, Mae Sot Heart Team and officers from all sectors mobilize help More than 10 hours have passed and still unable to help.

At the same time, Mr Sanya Phetset, Sheriff of Phop Phra District, Tak Province, who is the incident commander at the scene of the accident, met with all the officers and volunteer teams in the Special Administrative Center area, ready to decide to use a backhoe 3- accelerator to lap and open the soil It was close to the mouth of the artesian pool and the operation required complete and unfailing care, with a tube carrying oxygen from the pool down to where the girl was stuck within 15 meters of the pool to be filled with air.

But there were obstacles because the excavation site found many layers of rock. But he also found that the girl was still breathing. The girl’s mother was still crying the whole time. Then went to light incense and candles to pay homage to the sacred gods of the forest to help their daughter survive and be safe. There is a field medical team from Phop Phra District Hospital to take care of the mental condition at all times.

Recently, the rescue operation for this girl has continued and the excavation team has successfully opened the soil around the well and the well technician team has brought a large PVC pipe to the well to stop the soil from flowing down over the girl and after using a backhoe to dig the soil at the depth the girl is expected to be stuck in

Rescue workers will use small tools to dig to where the girl is trapped as the next step. The operation went according to plan and care had to be taken at every step, with volunteer rescue teams checking the girl’s vital signs from time to time. And the staff team will rush to help bring the girl out by tonight and hope for a miracle to come true

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