162 civic groups “representing the voices of victims and bereaved families in the disaster”

Active solidarity, such as counseling and legal aid
Encourage the government to investigate the truth about the family’s involvement in bereavement

▲ On the 23rd, at the People’s Unity for Participatory Democracy, representatives of civic groups are holding a joint press conference to discover the truth about the Itaewon disaster and to support the victims. 2022.11.23 Yonhap News

162 civic organizations, including the People’s Unity for Participatory Democracy and Lawyers for a Democratic Society (Minbyun), are stepping up to support victims and bereaved families of the Itaewon disaster. He also expressed solidarity with the bereaved families and urged the government to investigate the truth in which the bereaved families are involved.

On the 23rd, they held a press conference at the People’s Unity for Participatory Democracy in Jongno-gu, Seoul, and said, “Resolving a disaster disaster must begin with the voices of the victims,” ​​and “we will represent’ the voices of bereaved families and victims.”

The 4/16 Foundation provides counseling and discussions on countermeasures, Minbyun provides legal support and meetings for bereaved families, Citizens Coalition for Democratic Media monitors to prevent secondary damage, and People’s Unity for Participatory Democracy hosts information disclosure campaigns and records the investigation to the police special investigation headquarters, it was decided to support They drew attention to the fact that bereaved families do not receive necessary information, such as the details of the disaster and the progress of the investigation, and that they do not have opportunities to express their views or communicate. In addition, they urged the Seoul Metropolitan Government to find measures to prevent the loss of records from the disaster in case disaster-related documents from Yongsan-gu Office or Yongsan Police Station are deleted or made public, and to guarantee the right of access to the records of the bereaved family. The bereaved families held a press conference for the first time the day before demanding that the government take steps to prevent this from happening again, punish those responsible, and apologise.

Correspondent Hong In-ki

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