Biden’s ‘just’ word disappointed the president of Ukraine… what did you say?

‘No’ to the question of support for F-16 fighter jetsAround the first anniversary of the invasion, likely to visit the neighboring countries of Ukraine zoom in picture The President of the United States Joe Biden answered “no” to the question whether he was in favor of supporting the F-16 in Ukraine. [사진출처 = 연합뉴스] US […]

[Tenis Bwrdd]Hina Hayata, 3 Crowns, Runs Alone in Paris Olympic Selection Race 5th World Championship Representative Kasumi Ishikawa Falls – Table Tennis: Nikkan Sports

◇ Last day ◇ 29th ◇ Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium ◇ Women’s singles final Hina accomplished Hayata[22 = Nippon Life]who won the women’s doubles and mixed doubles, the fourth triple crown in women’s history. In the final, while allowing Miyu Kihara (18 = Elite Academy) to win two games (G), she cried on the 4-2 come-from-behind […]

Fatima Tahaliyyah on February 17 in Dammam

Dammam: Former state general secretary Haritha Adv. The organizers announced that Fatima Tahliya will be the chief guest. Before the musical evening with famous singer Sajla Salim, singers Salil, Jio and keyboardist Bilal, Fatima Tahliyah will interact with the public in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia on current issues related to women. Husna Asif, […]

A man in his 30s who ran away after fouling a taxi… When I asked why, he said

[이데일리 김민정 기자] A taxi driver shocked everyone by revealing his experience that a passenger ran away after soiling himself in the back seat. In MBN’s ‘The World We Didn’t Know-The Truth World’, broadcast for the first time on the 27th, the stories of taxi drivers and passengers were presented. (Photo = MBN ‘The World […]

CDU mourns the loss of members of the Bundestag: Gero Storjohann is dead

The CDU MP Gero Storjohann is dead. According to media reports, he has been in intensive care for a long time. The CDU poleItiker Gero Storjohann passed away on Sunday after a long illness. This emerges from corresponding communications from various members of the Union faction in the Bundestag. CDU leader Friedrich Merz wrote on […]

Voice of America “North Korea tested a solid fuel engine a day or two ago”

[김정은 북한 국무위원장 ] The Voice of America (VOA) broadcast reported that North Korea tested a launch vehicle engine using solid fuel a day or two ago. The broadcast said that the James Martin Center for International Non-Proliferation Studies in Middlebury, USA, released yesterday (30th) a satellite image showing a new image of the Magunpo […]