A man in his 30s who ran away after fouling a taxi… When I asked why, he said

[이데일리 김민정 기자] A taxi driver shocked everyone by revealing his experience that a passenger ran away after soiling himself in the back seat.

In MBN’s ‘The World We Didn’t Know-The Truth World’, broadcast for the first time on the 27th, the stories of taxi drivers and passengers were presented.

(Photo = MBN ‘The World We Didn’t Know – World of Truth’)

On this day, Jin Jang, an 8-year-old taxi driver, admitted an episode of excreting feces in a taxi, saying, “If the story so far is from the top, then my story is from the bottom.”

In response, MC Kim Gu-ra said, “It can be enough. Is it really unbearable? When I asked, “Isn’t it harder to control when you drink?” Mr. Jin returned, “A woman in her early 30s did it during the day.”

Mr Jin said, “Because we remove the chairs in front of us, there is extra space (in the back seat). But there was room in the back seat, so he sat down there and looked at his mobile phone.” “So I thought, ‘No way’. I reached (the destination), but the woman got up and ran quickly,” he explained the situation at the time.

He also said, “I was looking (in the back seat) and there was something like brown slush. So I touched it, but it wasn’t slush. It came from behind,” he said, surprising her.

Mr Jin said, “I was surprised and called the app company that called (taxi) and said, ‘The customer left something behind.’ He said, ‘What did you leave behind? Then he gave me his phone number.”

Then he said, “I called and my girlfriend called (a taxi). My boyfriend didn’t believe me. He said it was two weeks since we met.” “That person was also going through all kinds of thoughts and worries, so he sent me a picture and said, ‘He left this love of yours behind. When I asked him to give me his phone number, he finally gave me his girlfriend’s phone number.”

Jin said, “I called the woman. When I said, ‘What if I poop and leave?’, the woman didn’t say a word. “How much will it be?” he said. It seemed like something that happened often.”

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