24 hours live… China’s youngest gold medalist suffers from YouTuber in front of his house

Quan Hongchan. Getty Images

Quan Hongchan, 14, who became China’s youngest gold medalist at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, is suffering from excessive interest. It is because of the YouTubers and citizens who gathered in front of the house to see a gold medalist full of filial piety.

According to the Chinese Youth Daily on the 9th (local time) and Teng Xun Mang, etc., Quan Hong-chan, who returned home from the tournament, is resting in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, where his family lives.

Quan Hongchan won the gold medal in the women’s 10m platform final at the Tokyo Olympics on the 5th with a total of 466.20 points in the 5th time. Born in 2007, he showed off his overwhelming skills by not missing the first place from the first round of the Olympics, the first international competition of his life.

In particular, his ‘filial piety’ shown in an interview after the game resonated with the hearts of the Chinese. Quan Hongchan said, “My mother is sick. I want to make a lot of money and treat them. I hope[the condition]gets better.” In addition, there was a story that he started diving when he was 7 years old to pay for his sick mother’s hospital bills. Quan Hong-chan’s hometown was buzzing with gold. Villagers put up banners, and the whole town formed a long line of citizens, YouTubers, and reporters who came to see him. In the beginning, Quan Hong-chan also actively expressed his gratitude by taking pictures with people who showed interest. However, as more than 100 people gathered every day, he and his family began to suffer. According to local media, YouTubers who have exceeded their limits have broadcast live in front of Quan Hongchan’s house 24 hours a day, and have even picked fruits in his front yard as a ‘commemorative’. On famous video platforms, videos are pouring with titles such as ‘Champion’s House’. In the end, Quan Hongchan’s father, who couldn’t stand it, came forward. He turned to the people who were encamped in front of the house and said, “Please be quiet a little bit. Because of you, (daughter) cannot rest.”

As the controversy grew, an official from the Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau told the local media, “He is only 14 years old, pure child. I hope we can all protect and protect the Olympic champions.”

People gathered in front of Quan Hong-chan’s house. weibo

Cho Hye-sun, reporter for Donga.com hs87cho@donga.com

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