25 February, let’s meet for sure with ‘Love Sux’, the new album of the sassy girl Avril Lavinge.

25 February, see you for sure with ‘Love Sux’, the new album of the sassy girl Avril Lavinge (Avril Lavigne) and listen to the new single “Love It When You Hate Me” ft. blackcear. got it today

Avril Lavigne (Avril Lavigne) Appetizer Avril Lavigne has stimulated the appetite of music fans since last year. with the new single “Bite Me” last November. which received a very welcome response when both critics Both fans are delighted with her return. Until the number of streams of this song reached 71 million times worldwide.

Arrived this year, waiting for the fans of pop-punk girls. Owner of many hit songs And the lifestyle that was raised to be a bad girl, mother will end when Avril Lavigne announces the release of a new album No. 7 titled the hottest album ‘Love Sux’ already on February 25, let’s listen to all 12 songs for sure.

and to repeat appetizers Continuing the success of “Bite Me”, Avril Lavigne sends her second single “Love It When You Hate Me” to warm up before the real big set. By this song, Avril girl has blackbear (Black Bear), a rapper, singer, songwriter and producer. that has been accepted by the industry come complete and add a variety of musical moods Which is a pop-punk work in the style of Avril Lavigne that many people are familiar with perfectly.

Listen, many people may be hot. Can’t wait for the arrival of the album ‘Love Sux’ for instant listening. Albums can now be digitally pre-ordered from the iTunes Store.

But now listen to the new single “Love It When You Hate Me” feat. blackbear and the album’s first single “Love Bite” on all streaming services. Or watch the music video on Youtube: Avril Lavigne. It can also be downloaded from the itunes store.

get ready Warm up to the fullest because February 25, 12 brand new songs. The latest album ‘Love Sux’ of the stingy girl, the mother has definitely come to listen to. by Warner Music


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