3 slim and modern desk interior items for a spring refreshment for office workers

Along with the milder and warmer weather, many people are preparing to welcome the return of spring by organizing their surroundings. The same can be true for office workers who spend most of the day in front of a desk. For office workers, there is no activity that can change their mood and renew their resolve like spring desk redecorating. The most important thing in making a desk terrier is the great balance between design and productivity. You should feel more satisfied and get good results based on improved productivity if you use a product with a design that suits your taste while keeping your work space tidy. Let’s get off to a refreshing start for spring with three slim and modern desk interior items presented here.

Complete your desk with a slim wireless keyboard and mouse combo! Logitech MK470 Rose

▲ Logitech slim wireless keyboard and mouse combo ‘MK470 Rose’

A keyboard and mouse are indispensable companions for office workers who have to respond to received e-mails, organize video conferences, and communicate via messenger. If you are an office worker who wants to increase work productivity in a more colorful and clean environment, Logitech’s slim wireless keyboard and mouse combo ‘MK470 Rose’, which has a slim style and stable usability, will be a great choice.

The Rose MK470, which has a spring-like rose color, is a new product introduced by Logitech in January this year following the existing black white and pure chic color lines. The combination of a low-noise wireless keyboard with a slim design and a wireless mouse that reduces click noise by up to 90% boasts silence. Because the exterior design is slim, the inside of a desk is neat and stylish is possible. The keyboard has high-quality elastic pantograph keys for a smooth typing feel, and 12 function keys (FN) located on the top of the product allow you to use the functions necessary for on-the-go work ok Another strength of the mouse is that it can be used with both hands as it is designed in a symmetrical curved shape. Both products support wireless connection via a 2.4GHz nano receiver, and the keyboard can be used for up to 36 months with two AAA batteries, and the mouse can be used for up to 18 months with one AA battery. When not in use, it switches to sleep mode to efficiently manage the battery.

Pout ‘EYES8’, a compact monitor stand with wireless charging functions and a USB hub

For office workers who have to stare at the monitor screen for a long time, it can be said that a stand that can properly position the monitor at eye level is another necessity. Let’s build a more compact desktop environment with the Pout ‘EYES8’ monitor stand, which features a clean design while supporting wireless charging and USB hub functions.

EYES8 is harmless to the human body by making the pedestal part with ‘E0’ grade wood based on the eco-friendly material grade table. It has a sophisticated curved design and comes in two color options, white and black. There is a free space of 4cm under the stand, so it is possible to store the keyboard. Equipped with a fast wireless charging function of up to 15W, you can quickly charge while working by placing your smartphone or wireless earphone case on it. A third-generation smart IC, main board, and temperature control sensor are installed to prevent leakage and excessive heat. 3 USB 3.0 ports, 1 USB-C type port, micro SD card slot and 1 SD card slot are placed on the right side, so you can work efficiently without a separate USB hub.

Elago ‘Magnet Cable Management’, a slim item that can neatly manage multiple cables

Cable management can be another stress factor for office workers who have to work with various connected devices. You must have experienced cable loss or disconnection while neglecting cable management. You can save time and money by organizing cables with Elago’s ‘Magnet Cable Management’, which has strong fixing power.

Using the magnet and the built-in gel tape, it is easy to use by attaching it to the place where it is to be installed. After fixing with gel tape, it can be reused by washing it with water if dust sticks to it and the strength of the adhesive decreases. Magnet cable management consists of a total of 3 control units and 1 body, and you can attach all the control units to the body or attach only the control units separately to separate the locations for each cable use. Round and flat cables can be installed, and can be used with Elago cable ties to bundle and manage multiple cables for neat cable management.


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