4th grade grade scholarship was provided by Michigan Wolverines

Isaiah Marshall offers a scholarship, a seventh grade quarterback at the MacArthur Academy in Southfield, Michigan, according to his father, Brian.

The Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh expanded the offer after seeing the 13-year-old signal caller tape while visiting the school looking for high level prospects at Southfield High. Brian Marshall's coaches run courses along with his brother, Aaron, who also has the aggressive co-ordinator in Southfield.

"It was definitely unexpected, especially when you're looking for feedback on how to get better," said Brian Marshall. "He came out. Harbaugh asked me, because I was in my way and was soon with my brother. They asked me to phone and I asked the That was right and of course, I said. "

Isaiah had family-related college programs, usually as it works with high school staff, but there is no scholarship outside of Michigan.

Because of the age of Isaiah, the family had the offer and I was delighted with the opportunity.

Brian Marshall recognizes that he was just looking forward to talking to Harbaugh on the phone because of his son, not to mention that Harbaugh was saying Isaiah had a scholarship to Michigan.

"It's definitely true, really true," Marshall said. "I was very happy with his staff, because he has been playing with the same children since he was 5 or 6 years old. They have a number of championships, they finished in the third part of the country last year, and all of these children work to let him look at how he looks.

"It was not possible to do it without the people who spent their youth every day. His whole staff came out and they were expecting."

He found that Isaiah had a tendency, as soon as the surprise was, but he was getting tender to play college athletes, there is nothing new with the family.

Brian Marshall had a high school football at Brother Rice in Birmingham, Michigan, and played in the North, and won a Big Ten championship in 2000.

Aaron Marshall was also at Brother Rice before moving to Mount Carmel in Chicago, and Jim Tressel recruited him to play at Youngstown State.

Lawrence Marshall, Brian and cousin Aaron, have a defense line at Michigan, finishing their fifth year in 2018. Division I basketball player at DePaul was a mother of Isaiah, and her father had a football in Illinois. Brian and Aaron's father were playing football in Detroit, and their four-year-old Robert Thomas had been on the Dallas Cowboys for five years.

Athletic capacity and hall is spread widely throughout this family, and continues with Isaiah.


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