A teenage boy was arrested for molesting a 13-year-old girl, accused of repeating the attack for almost a month.

A teenage boy was arrested for molesting a 13-year-old girl, accused of repeating the attack for almost a month.

Crime Suppression Division The Central Investigation Bureau, led by Pol.Lt.Col. Apichon Khanka, Sor. Kor. 4, editor-in-chief, Pol. Lt. Col. Chiratthawat Kitrungruangdet, Pol.Lt. Col. Thawin Saiinta, Pol.Lt. Col. Nitithorn Prachankanjana, Deputy Senator Kor Kor. 4, Pol.Lt. Col. Ritthiwat Iamudom Deputy Sor.Sor. (Por.) KK.4, Election Commissioner, and police officers.

Jointly arrest Mr. Songwut (last name reserved), age 23, the accused under the arrest warrant issued by the Lom Sak Provincial Court No. 110/2564 dated October 4, 2021, on the charge of “rape and rape of a child under fifteen years of age who is not his wife. by using mayhem and with the child’s consent or not. and commit indecent acts against a child not yet over fifteen years of age, with or without consent or not.” Place of arrest At the public roadside in Moo 10 Village, Chong Salika Subdistrict, Phatthana Nikhom District, Lopburi Province

Circumstances as a result of about February 25, 2021, in the middle of the night, while Ms. A (a pseudonym) was staying at a house in Lom Sak district, Phetchabun province, while the victim was alone, Mr Songwut ( the accused) sneaked into the house use of force to rape and threatened to harm Do not bring the story to anyone.

Later, the accused continued to repeat the same crime. In almost a month, the accused came to Miss A’s house and raped 7 times after Ms. A’s mother noticed that her daughter’s symptoms appeared to be unnoticed. therefore inquired until known After that, the mother took her daughter to meet with the investigating officer to file a complaint and take further legal action.

Until October 8, 2021, the Central Police Investigation The police officers from the Crime Suppression Division tracked down the suspect until he knew he had fled the area. came to work as a contractor in Lopburi province and was finally arrested From the questioning, the defendant still denied the allegations.



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