A virtual man has redone this song … Lyrics and quality have changed

Metahuman Yuah Han’s single release ‘When Your Loneliness Calls Me’
Remake of ‘When My Loneliness Calls You’ by Jang Pil-soon to be top 100 alumnus
Cho Dong-hee, the original writer, changed the lyrics, and a world-class music studio also took part in the work.


“I know your shadowy face can never come back to me / But sometimes, on days like today, when loneliness calls for you / Come quietly to my heart” (Pilsoon Jang, ‘When My Loneliness Calls For You’)

“I believe your longing face can come back to me / Sometimes, on a day like today, when loneliness calls me / I will find you quietly in your heart” (Han Yua’s When Your Loneliness Calls Me ‘)

Metahuman Yua Han sings ‘When My Loneliness Calls You’, a popular folk-pop song that was chosen as one of the top 100 Korean popular music albums. The song was remade in the form of an answer song by changing the lyrics of the original song, and the point is that it is sung again in a clean and warm tone, unlike Jang Pil-soon’s husky and lonely tone.

Smilegate announced that metahuman artist Yua Han’s remake single, ‘When Your Loneliness Calls Me’, will be released at 6pm on the 14th. This new song will be released on more than 120 music streaming sites in around 180 countries.

Metahuman artist Yuah Han’s remake single ‘When Your Loneliness Calls Me’ was released on the 14th. / Photo = Courtesy of Smilegate

The original song released in 1997 has been remade by various singers such as YB (Yoon Do-hyun Band) and Seong Si-kyung, and has been loved by the public over the years. This remake song by Han Yu-ah draws attention with the opening lyrics. The original lyricist Jo Dong-hee, the younger brother of Jo Dong-ik from ‘One Day’, took part in the lyrics.

Smilegate said, “The remake song ‘When Your Loneliness Calls Me’ is a letter of comfort to modern people living in the same era.” I gave a message that I will stay by your side.”

The remake song added a ‘tone change’ to the appealing piano melody and an emotionally stirring string arrangement. Han Yua’s singing voice is not a certain person’s tone. Smilegate In order to realize Yuah Han’s voice, the voice data of hundreds of people of different ages was collected, and suitable tones were found and synthesized using artificial intelligence (AI).he explained.

Abbey Road Studios in London, which has a long history of recording songs by The Beatles and Pink Floyd as well as the OST (original soundtrack) of the film ‘Star Wars’, and Sound Republica, a global music distribution company, also participate in the production of the new song.

Before releasing the audio source, Yua Han said, “I believe in the power of sympathy and comfort that music conveys to people’s hearts. I hope that many people will receive a warm resonance through this song.”

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