A young man Benjapez drives a motorbike, travels, climbs on the roadside. Loss of control

A young tattoo artist drives a motorcycle to travel to Bang Khun Thian beach. shoulder climbing wheels Loss of control

At 4:00 p.m. on December 5, 2021, Police Lieutenant Chaliao Woklang, Thian Talay Police Station, Received a report of a fatal motorcycle accident On Bang Khun Thian Road – Chai Thale near Pu Yai Intersection Bang Khun Thian Subdistrict and District BMA therefore traveled to check with Dr. Verniti Witthaya Siriraj Hospital and the Ruam Kuatyu Foundation.

At the scene, a black-gray motorcycle was found. overturned at the edge of the road On the right side, a scuff mark longer than 30 meters is found at the edge of the road which looks different levels. slightly apart The body of the deceased was found as a male, whose name was later known. Mr. Kiattisak, 25 years old, wearing a black short-sleeved round-neck t-shirt covered with a long-sleeved black leather shirt. Wearing long black jeans and sneakers, he examined his body and face found several scrapes. head has a broken wound broken neck can turn around

Investigating Mr. Witsanu, 27, the elder brother of the deceased testified that the deceased was a tattoo artist and opened a shop in Nong Khaem area. Before the accident, he persuaded the deceased to ride a motorcycle to travel to various places. Today, he intends to visit the beach. Bang Khun Thian Pay homage to the Buddha image and the Phan Thai Shrine before riding a motorcycle home

At the time of the accident, he was driving a motorcycle in front of him. The deceased drove about 20 meters behind him. After hearing the motorcycle crash, he looked in the mirror and found that his brother’s car had overturned. rolling over the road So hurry to turn the car back to help. and found that his brother was unconscious try to pump the heart and called the police and rescuers to hurry to help, but not in time

Police officers initially assumed The deceased was likely riding a motorcycle at high speed. and then loses control and falls off the edge of the road which has a different level until he loses his control and overturns and died After this, the CCTV footage will be rechecked to determine the true cause of the accident again. Before taking photos and preliminary diaries and handing over the body to the Foundation staff to bring it to the Institute of Forensic Medicine for further dissection to find the true cause of death.



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