‘Adisak’ leaves the hospital immediately enters the election booth, asks the police. Do not rush to conclude the case. Political issues are highly probable.

Prospective MP candidates stepped forward from the hospital and immediately sewed 120 stitches into the polling booths of the Subdistrict Administrative Organization to prevent the loss of political rights to run for elections in the big stadium. He insisted that he did not know the perpetrator personally, asked the police not to jump to conclusions. Political issues are highly probable.

from the case Mr. Adisak Sombatkham or Sergeant Ta, a former candidate of the Maha Sarakham MP District 2, the Future Forward Party. and is the candidate A MP for Maha Sarakham District 1, the Progressive Party, was attacked and seriously injured. The incident occurred at the Plant Pune area. Along the Ban Khing Khaeng – Ban Nong Bua Daeng Road, Khwao Rai Subdistrict, Na Chueak District, Maha Sarakham Province, yesterday evening (27 November 21)

Later, Pol Col Jesada Premto, the superintendent of Na Chueak Provincial Police Station, said that initially the incident was reported as an assault. Officers were informed that a man with a knife was wounded by a mad man with a knife. have a fight causing both serious injuries. had to be sent to Mahasarakham Hospital for treatment Investigators have not yet interrogated both the perpetrators and the victims. The perpetrators of the mania, lack of medication, had to go to see if they had a history of receiving treatment at a psychiatric hospital. which at this time have not reported any charges Must wait for both the injured and the accused to leave the hospital first and it is the duty of the investigating officer to continue Initially confirmed that it was not related to politics.

Most recently, this afternoon (28 November) Mr. Adisak was discharged from the hospital. Ready to go to the election of prime minister and members The Subdistrict Administrative Organization at his hometown in Nong Ruea Subdistrict, Na Chueak District, Maha Sarakham Province, where Mr. Adisak has the right to vote at Ban Khok Lam Temple, Village No. 9, Nong Ruea Subdistrict, Na Chueak District, Maha Sarakham Province, before the election, temperature was checked. Wash your hands with alcohol gel. and went to the polls to vote Then went back home, which is about 100 meters away from the temple.

Mr. Adisak told reporters that The tooth wound on the neck was a severe wound about 20 centimeters long and required 120 stitches. The doctor gave the medication to continue taking at home. which asked the doctor to leave the hospital in order to exercise the right to vote for the prime minister and members SAO held today at the same time across the country in order not to lose the political right to apply Member of Parliament for the Next Progressive Party

Mr. Adisak said that The day of the accident, he was talking to a friend in the office. The perpetrator suddenly walked in and attacked himself armed with a hook knife. by trying to injure himself and slashing his throat Then a fight ensued. Because he was bigger, he dodged and ran out to the road in front of Plant Pune to get someone to help take him to the hospital to treat his injuries.

“For the perpetrators who had never known personally before. I want the investigative authority not to jump to the conclusion that he is drunk on methamphetamine, drug ice, or is insane to hurt me. Political issues are highly probable. because I came out to fight the People’s Party claim various rights equality for the people as well as informal powers dictatorship I’ve always been threatened both in terms of livelihood Someone is stalking and forcing the lawsuit

“On December 2nd and 3rd, I will have to go to the Criminal Court in Bangkok. Please don’t jump to conclusions. Dedicated to the Governor and the Governor As the ruling governor, please help the investigation to come to a satisfactory conclusion. Please heal yourself now. Everyone don’t have to worry and I would like to reaffirm my original intention to join the fight for democracy.” Mr. Adisak said


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