Al Ahli VS Madrid: FIFA Club World Cup 2022 Preview (link to watch live football)

  • list: FIFA Club World Cup 2022 semi-finals
  • Competition games: Al Ahli vs Real Madrid
  • Competition day/time: Wednesday, 8 February, 2023 at 2:00 p.m
  • stadium: Prince Moulay Abdullah Stadium
  • Live broadcast: SPOTTV2 , Real Sports 2

The performance of the last 5 games

Al Ahly

  • 05/02/23 Beat Seattle Sounders 1-0 (Center Field) Club World Championship
  • 02/02/23 Won Auckland City Club World Championship 3-0 (Centre Field).
  • 25/01/23 National Bank won 1-0 (homecoming) Egyptian Premier League
  • 22/01/23 Zamalek win 3-0 (away) Egyptian Premier League
  • 17/01/23 Samuha won 3-1 (homecoming) Egyptian Cup

Real Madrid

  • 05/02/23 lost to Real Mallorca 0-1 (away) La Liga
  • 03/02/23 Valencia won 2-0 (home) La Liga
  • 30/01/23 Always Real Sociedad 0-0 (home) La Liga
  • 27/01/23 Atletico Madrid won 3-1 (home) Copa del Rey
  • 23/01/23 Athletic Bilbao won 2-0 (away) La Liga

The result of a meeting between the two teams

  • never met before

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