[Athletau]Nozomi Tanaka, Women’s 1500m 4th consecutive win Despite falling short of World Athletics participation standard record “This result gives me confidence” – Athletics: Nikkan Sports

◇Day 2 ◇Day 2 ◇Yanmar Nagai Stadium, Osaka ◇Women’s 1500m Final

Nozomi Tanaka won[23 = New Balance]who won 8th place in the 21st 1500 meters Tokyo Olympics (Olympic) tournament for the fourth time in a row with 4 minutes 8 seconds 29 (preliminary figure). She became the second person in 13 years to win four or more consecutive victories in the same event, following Mika Yoshikawa, who won five in a row until 2010.

Aware of the pace of the world, he took the lead from the remaining 800 meters and widened the gap between him and the following. From the remaining 400 metres, he made a spurt and scored a goal with a landslide victory. Although he did not reach the participation standard record (4:03:50) of the World Championships (Budapest) held in August, he showed dignified driving.

In the post-match interview, he appeared to have the opportunity to do so. “I was hoping to show the long spurt (running) of the world. I’m happy that the time is faster than usual. Now I’m growing my roots. I’m building my stamina for the global race. he gave the confidence result for me.”

In last year’s championship, he competed in the 800m, 1500m and 5000m. Although he ran in three events in four days, he said, “Last year, I was desperate to complete the schedule. I also had to produce results, so those two were tough.”

Therefore, this tournament is “selectively selected” for participating events. I narrowed it down to the 1500m and 5000m which won the tournament last time. In the 1500m heats on the first day, he clocked 4:15.19, the same time as last year’s championship. He finished 1st overall and advanced to the finals, saying, “It was good that I was able to relax and run compared to last year’s qualifier.”

I was able to make the decision to limit the number of events because I have always taken on challenges. That attitude never changes. After qualifying, he continued to talk about the future.

“It’s difficult to go first (to step forward), but breaking out of that shell is also a step towards the world championships. How to break out of your own shell? Usually, I can’t run free because I’m tied by positions and times, but this time I want to run a bold race in a good way.”

The women’s 5000m final will be held on the 4th. “I want to show that I have stamina for the 5,000m,” he said, pushing on to achieve his first double crown for the second year in a row.