Beautiful and rich. If paying a man means that it is not wrong, “June Natasha” is very happy with many people dancing along.

Music fans flocked to make many comments. both appreciate the catchy lyrics and melody A story in a Mv that is enjoyable to watch from start to finish Including the hero Mv “Nick Charlie” with the most spectacular opening scene Casting type, like a lost cow, a falling buffalo Casting the heart without being considerate of anyone. It can be said that it is a scene that is truly made for Nak. He adds color to this single so well that the TikTok star takes the music sheet to cover the dance moves.

Seeing your work in full Mv, how do you feel?
I’m so proud of myself, I’ve been watching my own MV so many times. because this is the first piece of music we created with our own hands from start to finish Which after the release of Mv, the response is good It made us smile. beyond our expectation Since we only posted a song teaser clip for 2 days, the number of views has exceeded 300,000 views on TikTok. The number of music shares on our Facebook is very satisfactory. Supporters old and new support our work very well. Including Nak Charlie’s encouragement, he sincerely encouraged. honestly based on experience

Beautiful and rich If paying a man means it is not wrong. "June Natasha" Infatuated with people dancing

who is like a friend who just made music like us He knows what my heart is like now. How are our expectations? and he helped to elevate us to the limit And we are very grateful and grateful to him for supporting friends here. People said that MV, beautiful pictures, beautiful clothes. and some costumes are very sexy But with a twist with a story that comes out in a comedy style from the performance through our MV hero as Nak Charlie until the audience says that just seeing Nak’s face seems already funny ( laugh)

So we respond to comments from viewers. That this work sells handsome. I can’t say that Don’t laugh (laugh) just reading the comments. First of all, the audience said the song was good and easy to listen to. Next, the artist is so beautiful and sexy, the main character of the MV is handsome, but he doesn’t know how to use his handsomeness (laughs). Which is a very funny and colorful comment. June likes to read a lot. Which comments are appreciated both and ha ha together

Beautiful and rich If paying a man means it is not wrong. "June Natasha" Infatuated with people dancing

People danced on in TikTok since the teaser?
Yes, this one really surprised us. Post a teaser clip with a few words. People were already using our song in TikTok. At that time, I thought, hey ..that’s true, but I’m very happy. I can’t stop smiling Most people will take the part that the word “Beautiful and rich to death If I’m gay, that means I’m not wrong.” Let’s go play. We are glad that the TikTok is starring and bringing the record to play. June is trying to work out the best music possible.

What are your expectations for this first single?
June expects people to open their hearts to listen to new artists like June too. As this was the first song in my life that I had been rehearsing for about 2 years, I put all my work into it myself. In this regard, support for new artists Encourage artists in the Thai music industry to be encouraged to continue making music. It’s not just encouraging June. But including all the new artists making music. and weaving our own dreams of becoming an artist

deposit music Boys Don’t Cry?
Anyway, I would like to implore the viewers to watch June’s “Boys Don’t Cry” MV as well. Now the song has been released for 4 days. The story in the MV is very colorful, especially Nak Charlie, he left many performance patterns. It’s called real entertainment. As for the choreography of this song, June wants to invite the people of TikTok to cover the dance choreography from the record. Then let’s dance together a lot.

Beautiful and rich If paying a man means it is not wrong. "June Natasha" Infatuated with people dancing

Beautiful and rich If paying a man means it is not wrong. "June Natasha" Infatuated with people dancing

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