Bentuho Training Intensity ‥ Ghana, Switzerland Completed

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A week before the match against Uruguay, the national football team held two intensive training sessions a day.

The players focused on improving their physical condition and organizational skills, saying that not a single day could be wasted.

This is reporter Son Jang-hoon from Doha.

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A week before the match against Uruguay, the national team held an unusual training session twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon.

In the morning, all 27 players, including Son Heung-min, participated and focused on physical strength training with a focus on core exercises.

And in the afternoon, after a video meeting for almost 30 minutes, we had closed tactical training.

Despite the tight schedule that lasted all day, the mood of the players was bright.

Even in the scorching heat of 30 degrees Celsius, he is focused on improving his physical condition ahead of the first match against Uruguay.


“I think it’s still too hot for the players to feel, so I discuss that with the coaches. I prepare well so that every day doesn’t pass in vain, and it’ It seems that the training atmosphere has been very good.”

Some players, like Hwang Hee-chan, who was embarrassed by the Russian World Cup four years ago when he first took part, promised to show their skills to the maximum without missing the opportunity this time.


“I experienced the last World Cup, but I think it’s true that I’m very nervous. (After that) I think I’ve improved a lot during the four years, and I hope I score a lot of goals in this World Cup. …”

Despite intensive training, the athletes did not lose their smiles.

The national team intends to hold training twice a day in the morning and afternoon.

Ghana, in our group, beat Switzerland 2-0 in a warm-up session in Abu Dhabi.

In the 25th minute of the second half when the score was 0-0, Salisu scored the first goal of the game with a header after a corner kick, and 4 minutes later, Semeno scored an additional goal with a left foot volley.

Ghana, who graced the last actual inspection stage with victory, is set to enter Doha, Qatar today.

This is MBC News Son Jang-hoon from Doha.

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