‘Black Mod Kachapha’ said that if Suchart came to Pheu Thai, he would bring it to himself. After the younger brother debuted to compete for MP Chachoengsao on behalf of Pheu Thai

Today (December 2), Plaid Thai Pheu has announced 32 candidates for the House of Representatives from the central region and 25 people in the lower north region, a total of 57 people, which is not considered still in all areas.

What an interesting name, Sakchai Tancharoen or Modlek, son of Suchart Tancharoen, MP for Chachoengsao Palang Pracharat Party. and 1st Vice Chairman of the Council as the leader of the Ban Rim Nam Group Who traveled to launch as Pheu Plaid Thai candidate for Chachoengsao MPs, today Mod Dum-Kachapha Tancharoen, the older brother, also came to support his own younger brother.

said Kachapha because the workplace is nearby so he walked to send his younger brother to the Pheu Thai Party Because he is close to Phuangpetch Chunelae, chairman of the Bangkok District Political Coordination Committee. From Thai Pheu Party in any case, the political path for him would be zero. Because now I’m still happy with my current job.

The reporter asked When is the chance that your father or Suchart will move to work with Plaid Thai Pheu? said Kachapha If you come, I will bring it to you. Now let the younger one come first.

While Sakchai said that You must wait for your father again. it would probably come with Kachapa As for father, do you give any advice or not? He has been a member of the Provincial Council (Sor.Jor.) for 3 terms.. After visiting the area, he learned something from himself. But my father also taught me something.

As for the former case, the Chachoengsao area belonged to Pracharat’s power. Will there be a chance to win or not? Sakchai said briefly that there is a chance, while Kachapha added that it is up to the people to win or not.

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