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On the 29th, Chinese students at the University of Hong Kong held a blank paper to support the “blank paper revolution” in China. (Reuters)

2022/11/30 05:43

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[Canolfan Newyddion Rhyngwladol / Adroddiad Cynhwysfawr]The “White Paper Movement” which opposed the prevention and control of the epidemic and demanded freedom and democracy started in different parts of China, and all walks of life around the world also expressed their solidarity, including Hong Kong. . When the “anti-extradition” protest started in Hong Kong in 2019, many Chinese netizens not only supported it, but even echoed the statement of the Hong Kong government and the Hong Kong police, saying that the youth protest “abandoned. youth” and “chaotic Hong Kong” initiated by “foreign forces” elements”, and now some Chinese netizens expressed their regret for this, “I really want to apologize to them (Hong Kong)”, “Hong Kong, thank you”.

Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported on the 29th that the “Twitter” account “Flame Revolution” tweeted, when demonstrations began across China, a large number of Chinese expressed remorse and guilt, and apologized to the people of Hong Kong, “Hong Kong is ridiculed 2019, slander Hong Kong in 2020, understand Hong Kong in 2021, follow Hong Kong in 2022”, and finally wrote “Sorry, Hong Kong People, Shanghai People, Hong Kong People, Taiwan People, Tibetan People, People Xinjiang”.

“Flame Revolution” also attached a screenshot of a message from a Chinese netizen, including “The mainland has always felt sorry for Hong Kong”, “It is completely understandable, when the anti-extradition movement was on underway, most people on the mainland supported the police and scolded The people of Hong Kong are useless. Now the law of heaven has been reincarnated.”

Netizens said, “Hong Kong…I’m sorry… At that time, they covered us, plugged my ears, and dressed me as a clown. Thank you Hong Kong!”, “I thought that they had something wrong 3 years ago, that I didn’t wake up at the time, and I really have to apologize to them. Fighting for my own rights is the bravest thing. Think how stupid I was before. At that time, I didn’t cross the wall and didn’t see the diverse world being aired.”

However, some netizens responded coldly: “You won’t wake up if you don’t hit Xi Baozi”, “Being woken up by a hammer…doesn’t mean you won’t go back to sleep. Let’s see how long that you can last. If you can continue for half a year, I may change my mind.”

Chinese netizens apologized to the people of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet and other places. (Retrieved from Fire Revolution Twitter account)

Chinese netizens apologize to Hong Kong people. (Retrieved from Fire Revolution Twitter account)

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