Cabinet gives green light to Thai-UAE ‘Open FTA’ in 2022 with trade value of 1.3 trillion baht

28 February 2023 at 3:30 pm Mr.Jurin Laksanawisit leader of the Democratic Party Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade Giving an interview to reporters about the results of the Cabinet (Cabinet) meeting about the success of the start free trade area or Opening of FTAs Between Thailand and the United Arab Emirates (UAE: United Arab Emirates)

Mr Jurin said today that the Cabinet meeting approved an FTA between Thailand and the United Arab Emirates or the United Arab Emirates. that Thai people know that important citiesDubai It was caused by the fact that he led the Ministry of Commerce and the private sector to negotiate with the government of the United Arab Emirates on February 6-8. This is a very important occasion and I intend to do it as soon as possible. So bring the matter to Cabinet today and the meeting has been approved.

Henceforth, the Department of Trade Negotiations has been assigned to speed up the process of coordinating with the UAE to set a joint official publication date. be counted as one open discussion, which was considered FTA The fastest in the world since Thailand made one. brings huge benefits toinvestment tradeaExportfrom Thailand

United Arab EmiratesIt is a country whose trade value with Thailand is number one in the Middle East, with a trade value of 1.3 trillion baht in 2022, with the UAE worth only 700,000 million baht, so it is important ok The resale of goods will have zero tariffs, resulting in the UAE being Thailand’s trading gateway to the Middle East, where the UAE is a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) which includes Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia. The United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman and Kuwait will also receive various facilities.

Thailand has benefited enormously from this FTA and when announcing one of the official negotiations He asked the Ministry of Commerce Negotiations of the Department of Commerce Please speed up the arrangement as soon as possible to enter into force as soon as possible, the the sooner, the faster Thailand will benefit. The number of exports to generate more money for the country.

Important products that Thailand exports to the UAE include cars and car parts. air conditioners, jewelry, smart phones, fiber boards, motorcycle tires canned tuna and rice, etc. Thailand imports crude oil, petroleum, natural gas, aluminum, gold and plastic resin, etc.

Cabinet gives green light to Thai-UAE 'Open FTA' in 2022 with trade value of 1.3 trillion baht


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