“Cambodia” Netizens attack the “World Muay Thai Council” page claiming that “Mr Khanom Tom” is a Khmer, not a Thai person.

On January 28, 2023, after Cambodia, the host of the 2023 SEA Games, exercised the right to host. Put the martial art “Kun Khmer” in the 2023 SEA Games instead of the sport “Muay Thai” with the reason that the competition “Kun Khmer” is the origin of “Muay Thai” and to show that it owns the culture of the arts • protection from such as the Cambodian people wish

On the WBC MuayThai page or the World Muay Thai Council page The official belt photo of the World Muay Thai Council has been posted. together with the caption that “Show respect to Nai Khanom Tom”, a Muay Thai legend who defeated the local boxer 9-10 in one round until he won the heart of King Mangra from Burma. After that, Cambodian netizens Attacked to comment under the said post, claiming that “Mr. Khanom Tom is Khmer, not a Thai person” and suspected that there is no Cambodian flag on this belt And this is an opinion some Cambodian netizens.

– Why is there no Cambodian flag? Do you know the story of Nai Khanom Tom? Nai Khanom Tom is Khmer, not Thai.
– Don’t worry everyone. They dare not put our flag on this belt. The important thing is We tried to improve ourselves, in fact, this belt was copied from America. Don’t get frustrated everyone, it’s useless. go back to school The proudest temple (Angkor Wat) belongs to India, not Khmer.
– for not having a Cambodian flag because you insult us You fear it will return to its original owner. Because you people like to steal culture.
– There is no Cambodian flag because we (Cambodia) are not inferior to Thai (Muay Thai) we have our own martial art, Kun Khmer.
– Kun Khmer is the original, not Muay Thai.
– Cambodians, please do not comment here why there is no Cambodian flag. Because the Siamese thieves never recognized the original owner. and envy us all the time

However, the reason why the belt does not have a Cambodian flag is because Cambodia is not registered as a member of the WBC Muay Thai Council or World Muay Thai, which has members from over 147 countries around the world.

To Mr. Khanom Tom, “Thai boxers are extremely skilled,” the legendary boxers that the Thai people and people around the world do not forget. Famous for boxing Appeared in the history of Thailand and Burma from the incident that defeated the Burmese boxer 9-10 in one round in front of King Mangra’s throne on March 17, 1774 until King Mangra hit his chest. and praised Mr Khanom Tom saying “These Thai people have a peaceful environment around them. Even with his bare hands he could defeat nine and ten people. Here if there is a good boss unity not to cut across each other’s legs and not for personal happiness and clan clan Why would Ayutthaya be defeated by the enemy? as you see today.”

After winning the Burmese boxer King Mangra gave the mortar as a reward to Mr. Khanom Tom. He was appointed a servant in Angwa, but he refused and asked King Mengra to release himself and all the Thai prisoners to return to their homeland. King Mangra agreed to do as he wished. Finally, Nai Khanom Tom and the captives were released from Thailand and returned to Thailand where Thonburi was the capital at that time. In the reign of King Krung Thon Buri, his name was King Taksin the Great.

Photo courtesy: Iron Monkey Photography

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