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original title:Cangzhou counterattacks Shenhua with an upset loss in the three cities of Wuhan

Xinhua News Agency, Changchun, October 29 (Reporter Zhou Wanpeng) The 20th round of the 2022 Chinese Super League replay began on the 29th. In the focus battle, the “leader” of the league Wuhan Three Towns lost 0:1 to Chengdu Rongcheng, and suffered the third loss of the season; Cangzhou Lions counterattacked Shanghai Shenhua 2:1, ending their opponent’s nine-round unbeaten streak.

In the battle with Chengdu Rongcheng, the three cities of Wuhan pushed the formation forward in the starting phase, but with little effect. Chengdu Rongcheng’s solid defensive team then played a quick counterattack. In the 25th minute, Saldanha sent a straight pass from the middle of the front court, and Muta Lifu followed at high speed to the top of the arc to complete the goal. The referee first whistled for offside, but after VAR (video assistant referee) intervention, the goal was changed to be valid. After switching sides to fight again, the team of three Wuhan cities behind made a big counterattack, but they were all effectively solved by the visiting goalkeeper Zhang Yan, and finally swallowed the defeat. After this round, the Wuhan Three Towns team is still leading the standings with 53 points, but only 3 points ahead of the Shandong Taishan team with one game less.

The third place Shanghai Shenhua was stubbornly blocked by the Cangzhou Lions in this round, Shihao Park gave the lead to the Cangzhou Lions in the 35th minute, and then his teammate Jose Kanter assisted in the second half to complete the “world wave” mark. Liu Ruofan was able to regain victory for the Shenhua team later, but it was difficult to save the team and lost in the end.

Henan Songshan Longmen team beat Shenzhen team 2:0. Chen Keqiang and Sunic scored a goal in the first and second half, leading the team to win three consecutive victories.

In other matches of the day, Beijing Guoan defeated Guangzhou 4:1, Guangzhou City defeated Hebei 4:0, Changchun Yatai defeated Meizhou Hakka 1:0, Tianjin Jinmen Tigers lost 1:2 Zhejiang team.