“Captain Kob” Hero led Muang Kan “slaughtered “Chiang Mai” for residual matches.

“Captain Kob” Suchao Numnum, “Bat Mahakan”, Muang Kan United opened the house to slaughter “Tiger Lanna” Chiang Mai FC 2-1 Thai League 2 matches residual

Football match “M-150 Championship 2021/22 residual match on December 1, 2021 at the Central Stadium, Kanchanaburi Province, between the city of Kan United and “Tiger Lanna” Chiang Mai FC, which It is a game that has been postponed from October 30, 64. In this game, Chiang Mai FC adjusted the attack game slightly by sending Suchanon Malisorn Danilo Lopes (DANILO LOPES) to start as 11 people. first, but still have Pongrawit Chanthawong and Tawan Kotsupho driving the offensive game, while Supasak Sarapee and Somyot Pongsuwan are back in the line again, while Evgeny Kabayev (EVGENY KABAEV) ) and SEIYA SUGISHITA are listed as substitutes.

The first half started with a knock on the ball into Chiang Mai FC for the first 10 minutes, but the defender returned to win in the next 2 minutes, mentally panya Tisut came up and shot with the left ball through Fahas Bilangload. Mr. Dan Chiang Mai FC, but did not pass the pole, then Kan city began to collect some balls by allowing mental panya to put the ball to the front line for 3 foreign players, including Assam Sao, Kion and Hess. But still not as a result, after the 25th minute, Kan City returned to Assam, Sao Ching for Hess to enter the penalty area before being swept away by Narupon Wild.

At the end of the first half, in the 40th minute, Chiang Mai FC returned a free kick on the right side in front of the penalty area, Pongrawit Chantawong, spinning with the left over the wall, the ball fell to the ground, but Prin Kunchorn caught up, but the ball came in through Meedech S. Rayut Phisai re-attached the block again. Until the last minute of the first half, Kan city continued the ball to the front of the penalty area, Kion smashed the ball with Chutiphan Noob before the weak leg fell. And the referee blew it into place for a dangerous free-kick, as expected, but Assampsao shot over the crossbar before the first half ended 0-0.

In the second half, Chiang Mai FC sent Seiya Sugishita (SEIYA SUGISHITA) instead of Danilo Lopes and the referee ramped up by putting on Suchanon Malisorn to decorate the ball into the penalty area, but there was no shot timing. Before the game opened more, in the 53rd minute, Chiang Mai FC countered with a long ball, Seiya Sugishita, collecting the ball down and galloping into a distance of 40 yards before stabbing Tawan Khotsupho in and pressing the left side to hit the pole. far Then, in the 56th minute, Kan City continued the ball to the front of the penalty area, Kion, a short flick, ricochet, Meedech Sarayuth Phisai, reached Jonathan Hes, pressed with the left, plugged in the first post, sending the locals out. lead 1-0

Then Chiang Mai FC broke through until the 67th minute, Seiya Sugishita, almost dragged into the penalty area before being tied down to send Chiang Mai FC to win from a 30-yard free-kick. The local checkpoint brushed off after sending Chiang Mai FC to a corner kick. Phongrawit Chantawong threw into the middle of the goal. Weljko Filipovich headed the first flower. Phisai hit the ball, caught the local boss, the ball arrived at Tawan Kot Supho, hit again, still blocked the ball in the way, Medej Sarayut Phisai repeatedly hit the bottom of the net to send Chiang Mai FC to equalize successfully.

The game pretends to share the points. Until the end of the game, in the 82nd minute, Kan City countered, Rathasak Wiang-In fell into the penalty area, but there was no shot rhythm before flowing back to Suchao Numnum, pressed with the left, did not miss a goal for Muang Kan United to win Chiang Mai A. FC 2-1 next match in the Thai League 2, Chiang Mai FC will enter the field for the 16th match with a visit to Udon Thani FC on Sunday, December 5, 64 at 19.00 at SAT Stadium. .Udon Thani



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