Car catches fire, driver jumps to death Being slapped by the villagers repeatedly Screaming and driving to make trouble – Fresh news

fire truck The driver jumped to death. Being slapped by the villagers repeatedly find that driving into the village causes trouble The driver’s wife said no one wanted this to happen. Confirmed to report wrongdoing

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On November 30, 64, reporters reported that There was a fire on a ten-wheel trailer carrying bales of rice straw at Khok Kluai village, Chok Nuea sub-district, Lamduan district, Surin province. Smoke filled the paved roads in the village. Cars driving this route were unable to drive through as the fire engulfed a truck of compressed straw violently. With occasional explosions, the driver’s name is known as Mr. Chub, 53 years old.

along with coordinating fire trucks from Chok Nuea Subdistrict and nearby districts arrive at the scene and hastened to urgently mobilize fire water due to severe fire Take the time to extinguish the fire. for almost an hour Thus, the fire was controlled and the bales were successfully spread out of the vehicle. The straw bale-loading trailer was completely destroyed by fire, along with hundreds of bales of bales.

It was also found that The truck driver was attacked. The villagers who were involved in the incident said that a man in the village, about 40 years old, slapped the driver of a straw truck and said, “Why did you drive to my village, why would you slap you?” And after that, the village man committed an act of slapping the driver until his face was bleeding.

truck driver

truck driver

The straw truck driver’s wife said: He and her husband had brought bales of straw from Rattanaburi District, Surin Province, and headed to Lamduan District. on the way He had two people sitting in the back, an older brother and a nephew, used a stick to push the slack wires out of the bales of straw that had been loaded. By helping each other use a stick to push the wires out of the straw. At the point where the power line is low and the power line is damaged. and the straw that had been carried to hook the wires.

The people in the car did not know that this line was damaged. before the electricity sparks This caused a fire to ignite the straw that was carried quickly. And he told Sammi who drove him to hurry and drive away from this point. Go down to the rice fields without having to regret the car. Thinking of driving down the fields but the car is hot The brake system was damaged causing the brakes to break.

So he supported the car and continued along the road until he reached another village. The fire spread to the driver’s cabin. So the husband decided to jump out of the car. and was wounded with wounds all over the body So he took her husband to sit and rest.Then there was a man in the village. came in to slap their girlfriend’s face So he asked back what the slap was about, said the man. “Why did you come into my village and make me suffer?” to which he replied that no one would want something like this to happen. That’s enough suffering. Don’t repeat it. which he will take the matter to the end and will report to Lamduan Police Station

However, Lamduan Police Station inspected the scene. and coordinating with the probation officer Let’s come to check to find the cause. Another fire broke out in a truck with bales of hay. and keep the images recorded as preliminary evidence Complaint proceeding section In the event that the driver of a hay bale truck being slapped by the villagers in the village until injured His wife was taken to the doctor. to check along with requesting a certificate from a doctor to report to the police further


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