[Cipio pob-comer/data – Rhan 2]Expect 10 popularity, more than “80%” in betting ticket rate “Baba’s talent is also perfect” | SPREAD


Keiichi Obata

in the first partdear tactWhenThor ValiantIn the second part, I’d like to take two Anoma candidates who have the potential to advance to the top from the data side.

◆[Rhagolwg pawb sy’n dod 2022 / cipio data – rhan 1]Amazing boost of “100%” No blind spots on the data side for leading horses

■ 2022 hole-in-the-wall horse candidates guided by data

He finished 6.5th in the last two races which used heavy prizes. The current situation of being hindered by class barriers gives a hard impression, but this time the change of distance of 2200m seems to be a boost.

・ Turf result 2200m[]

75.0% when converted to betting ticket rate. In January and March this year, he ran consecutively on the 2200m Nakayama turf, and his stage talent is remarkable. You should be wary of the drastic change in your favorite stage after the second run, where you cried at a distance wall, and the previous run where you immediately succumbed to the power game.

9th in previous race at Meguro Kinen. It seems that the members this year will have a tougher fight than seeing the current situation of being bounced back to the wall of the graded award, but I would like to present the following data that has the potential to overcome the wall of the class.

・ Performance after vacation for more than 2 months in middle school[]

This is 85.7% of betting tickets. The year before last, and last year’s race in Chukyo in September, where he took part in the Rote above, he secured the top two. Speaking of Chukyo September, it is the same time as Nakayama September, which is held in every Noshiba. Baba’s disposition is also a factor that cannot be ignored.

◆[Rhagolwg pawb sy’n dod 2022 / diagnosis dal i fyny]”S” top score that surpasses deer tact “Distinctly better than the previous run” with perfect training content

◆[Rhagolwg pawb sy’n dod 2022 / diagnosis dal i fyny]”A” score for middle-aged candidates who have not won the graduate award “The spirit and sharpness of the latter is wonderful”

◆[Rhagolygon pawb sy’n dod yn 2022/tuedd pedigri]Attention has been focused on the 3rd finisher in the previous race who showed signs of recovery.

▼ Horse racing storyteller Motonari Tahara from TV rating analysis “All-Comers 2022 – Data Analysis”

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