‘Almahabba’: Markus Announces International Milad Campaign

Kozhikode | As part of this year’s Nabi Day celebration, Markus has announced the Milad ‘Almahabba’ campaign at the international level. Various foreign universities with academic collaboration with Marcus and Marcus campuses in 23 Indian states will be part of the campaign which will be launched on September 27 with an announcement rally at the central campus. Various schemes and programs will be organized in connection with the month-long campaign under the theme ‘Thiru Nabi (PBUH): Light of the Universe’. Markus Alumni Associations will lead the Al Mahabba campaign in countries such as the UK, UAE, Malaysia, Egypt, Fiji, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Australia, Kuwait, Singapore, Tunisia, Oman, Jordan, Zealand New, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Artistic meetings and programs like Meelad Proclamation, Al Maulidul Akbar, Academic Seminar, Sneha Sangam, Ishal Sandhya, Meelad Festival, Online Quiz, Calligraphy Competition, Short Lectures, Flash Mob, Nabi Plant, Jalsatul Madiheen will be organized as part of the Meelada celebration. Almaulidul Akbar, which will be attended by tens of thousands of devotees, will begin on October 3 at the Markus Convention Center after the Subh prayer.

C Muhammad Faizi, Syed Shihabuddin Ahdal Muthanur, Syed Muhammad Turab Assakhafi, Syed Abdusswaboor Bahasan Avelam, Dr. Muhammad Abdul Hakeem Azhari, Dr. A welcoming team of 101 members was formed under the leadership of Hussain Sakhafi Chullikode and CP Ubaidullah Sakhafi. KK Ahmad Kutty Musliar Kattipara (Chairman), Yusuf Haider Haji Pannur (General Convener), CP Sirajuddin Sakhafi (Working Convener), VPM Faizi Vilyapalli, VM Rashid Sakhafi, Muhammadali Sakhafi Valliad, Kunhim Muhammad Sakhafi Paravoor, Abubakar Sakhafi Panbar Badau. Sakhafi (Vice Chairman), Unais Muhammad Kalpakanchery, Adv. Muhammad Sharif, KK Shamim Lakshadweep, Latweef Sakhafi Perumugam, AK Musa Haji, (Conveners), KK Abubakar Haji East, Muhyiddin Koya Sakhafi Malayamma, VPM Sakhafi Vilyapally (Conveners), Marzooq Saadi Kamil Sakhafi, K Mahmood, CK Muhammad and Sakhafi Kattipara ( Coordinators).

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