Controversy Surrounds Cancellation of ‘Mushroom’ Performance at Beijing Art Center

Taipei Performing Arts Center Cancels Performance of “Mushroom” Due to Main Actor’s Resignation

By Ling Meixue, Taipei Correspondent

The highly anticipated performance of “Mushroom” at Beijing Art Center has been abruptly cancelled, leaving disappointed theater enthusiasts in its wake. Lai Peixia, a renowned artist who recently became a proxy for presidential candidate Terry Gou, has resigned from the main role, causing an unforeseen setback for both the Taipei Performing Arts Center and Anima Theater Company.

The announcement came from the Taipei Performing Arts Center’s Facebook page, stating that the scheduled performances on November 11 and 12 have been called off. Lai Peixia’s departure due to personal reasons has left the production without a replacement for the crucial role, rendering the performance temporarily impossible to proceed. The management has assured ticket holders that full refunds will be provided.

Additionally, the play reading lecture for “Mushroom,” originally planned for September 17, has also been cancelled. The inconvenience caused by these sudden developments has sparked outrage among netizens, with comments pouring in on social media platforms.

One prominent figure in the performing arts industry, JimmyBlanca Tseng, expressed his disapproval, saying, “This is truly rude and inconsiderate!” The sentiment echoed by others questioned the intention behind the resignation, with some suggesting that it was a deliberate act causing harm to the theater companies involved. Another commented, “People had set aside their time for this production, only to be let down. It’s a shame.”

Many netizens emphasized the importance of integrity in politics, emphasizing that honesty and transparency should be paramount for those seeking political offices. They criticized the decision, stating that it contradicts the ethics expected from a vice-presidential candidate and ultimately undermines the hard work and dedication of the entire production team.

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The Beijing Art Center posted on Facebook this evening that the performance of “Mushroom” has been cancelled. (Photo taken from Facebook)

[Adroddiad y Gohebydd Ling Meixue / Taipei]Artist Lai Peixia has become a proxy for presidential candidate Terry Gou, but Taipei Performing Arts Center and Anima Theater Company have suffered. The Taipei Performing Arts Center posted on Facebook this evening, saying, “Originally scheduled for November 11 and 12 In the dynamic “Mushroom” performed at the Beijing Art Center on Sunday, the main role of Lai Peixia resigned due to personal reasons. As Lai Peixia is the core actor of the play, it is temporarily difficult to find a replacement, so this performance has been canceled and full refunds are available.. The play reading lecture “Mushroom” which was to take place on September 17th (Sunday) has been canceled at the same time. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.”

As soon as the news came out, netizens were outraged. Senior performing arts celebrity “JimmyBlanca Tseng” posted: “This is really, really rude!!!!” Some people thought “It’s too deliberate! The company was seriously injured! and others “Everyone has saved their time for this.” He reminded others that “Integrity is the highest principle for politicians” and “Telling the truth for the sake of the election, destroying the efforts of the whole team, is not selfish, really. what a person who wants to be elected vice president should do.”

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