Coordinator Campbell Biden’s comments need no explanation … China policy unchanged

Explanation of the US in China’s attack on Taiwan… “Consistent policy will continue in the future”

Kurt Campbell, Indo-Pacific Coordinator of the White House National Security Council, said on the 19th (local time) that President Joe Biden’s comments that US forces could intervene in the event of a Chinese attack on Taiwan “have not changed the policy of the United States.”

“President Biden’s comments are self-explanatory,” Campbell said in a video event hosted by the American think tank Carnegie Foundation for International Peace.

He then repeated the comments of the White House to the effect that it was not appropriate to call it a rebuttal or a rise from President Biden’s Taiwan comments.

This emphasized the fact that US policy towards China regarding Taiwan has not changed despite various interpretations of President Biden’s comments.

Earlier, when asked whether he would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack in the CBS in-depth interview program ’60 Minutes’, which aired the day before, President Biden said, “If there is an unprecedented attack, I will. it is.”

Unlike Ukraine, he again answered “yes” to a follow-up question about whether US troops and soldiers are going to defend themselves.

This has led to the interpretation that it is contrary to the ‘strategic ambiguity’ that military support is provided to Taiwan but does not clearly state whether or not to intervene directly if China invades Taiwan.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Maoning immediately objected to this, saying it was against the “one China” policy and “expressed strong dissatisfaction and determined opposition.”

After the US-Japan summit in May, President Biden made waves through comments about US military intervention in Taiwan in a press conference, interviews with US broadcasters in August and October last year, and at a town hall event.

Each time the White House had explained that the One China policy had not changed.

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