“Covid” has gone viral for another 2 years. It’s not over yet. Boot Needle 6. Need a new vaccine.

The question is, is this time appropriate and has the covids really developed…?

Thairath Online Special News Team has inquired about this matter to Dr. Manoon Leechawengwong, Head of Respiratory Disease Wichaiyut Hospital Explain that reducing the level of the epidemic It is more of a public health issue than a medical one, because in medical practice, we still find an epidemic of covids.

Assessment department must consider from the infection that the numbers in the Thai collection Having said that about 4 million people are infected, believe that it is not true. Out of the population of Thailand, about 60 million people are infected, about 40 million, remaining 20 million, it is expected that everyone will be infected with covids in the future becauseThis disease is not over yet…

Especially people who have been infected with covid before can get infected again. But the thing to be careful about is that there are people who are physically weak. If the disease enters it will be incorporated into the body for a long time. Some are months, some are years, and have a chance to infect others. There are many people in this group in the world.

“Because this epidemic is not over yet. And stay with us for a long time… (repeat) In the end, those who have never been infected must become infected,” said Dr Manoon.

Is covid-19 still “dangerous” and how does it affect moving from a dangerous disease? head of respiratory disease Wichaiyut Hospital said it is still considered a dangerous infectious disease. But … it’s not a serious epidemic. It will eventually become endemic.

In terms of public health, if we say that it is a dangerous disease, apply many laws and the reduction came as a precaution It is considered a good thing. get the economy going Whoever was holding it was brought in for treatment.

“This is the right time. because it allows the economy to move forward. Travel, travel, open a pub and bar for those who have been addicted to covids. There are many more…”

asked how long the end of the epidemic Dr said. Manoon in short until everyone is addicted And I believe it should be at least 2 years.

The need for a 5-6 Needles vaccine kit.

Dr Manoon also mentioned about the 5-6 vaccination chest at the moment that we would have to wait for the new vaccine. which is close to being used due to vaccination “old model” Can’t stop COVID-19 right now we are no new mutants “Hopefully” the new vaccine will be better. prevent infection People who have not yet been vaccinated want to be vaccinated. Because current vaccines are not considered to prevent infection.

“Although the rate of infection at the moment has decreased. because many people are already addicted But some people have not had injections, like people who are sick in hospital. bed that this group has been sprayed more gradually because it hides in the house And this group has started to get infected, so I want this group to hurry up and get vaccinated .”

The mutation of covid is still unpredictable.

When asked, now the mutation of COVID Mnuun admits that he is still worried because the coronavirus continues to mutate. When Delta started, no one expected the OMicron BA.1 to come and go.

Is there any research to date that clearly shows whether covid is natural or created? Doctor Manu admits that it is difficult to answer and asks whether it comes from nature or not, it should be so. But we don’t know if anyone has strengthened it.

When asked if covid What species must be particularly vigilant? strain BA.2.75 and BA.5 personally believe that Probably coming to Thailand what is unknown is So what we have to do is to prepare vaccines for all kinds of stress or use them more easily as nasal sprays We have to think of new ways to deal with it.

Special news team, Thairath Online reports.

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