“Covid Today” 29 September 2022 Chonburi 14 more infected except ATK 760 more.

“Covid today” 29 September 2022 Chonburi Province 14 new cases of COVID-19, excluding ATK, were reported, while the total cumulative death toll was 467.

Chonburi province “Covid today” infected with covid-19 14 new RT-PCR cases, 760 new cases of COVID-19 ATK, and 2 new intubation cases were confirmed, totaling 467 deaths.

Now there is an outbreak of Omicron covids in Chonburi province. Although it is a species with a low mortality rate. but for the elderly People with underlying diseases are also at greater risk of death. they should be fully vaccinated. Although the elderly may not go to the dangerous place. But the infected people in the home can be of working age, school age, infected from outside the home. it can lead to the elderly in the family so asking for the cooperation of the people of Chonburi Province Let’s work together to get all the vaccinations according to the criteria. reduce severe symptoms reduce the risk of death

And ask for cooperation in strict personal hygiene, stay apart, wash your hands regularly, and wear masks according to the advice of the Ministry of Public Health. to reduce the spread of COVID-19 (in crowded places high risk exposure of people with respiratory symptoms and group 608)

For patients with kidney failure in the period requiring dialysis Immunity building from vaccination is not good He should have received ready immunity injections. Contact to have an injection at a hospital near your home or a dialysis center that accepts dialysis.

Source: Chonburi Provincial Public Health Office, Chonburi Province

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