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Decline to follow old love Ig|Stephy Tang doesn’t know her relationship with Fang Lishen: Thank you for being a fan of me (18:19)-20210822-SHOWBIZ

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[Today’s direct hit]Stephy (Stephy) and Taiwanese artist Qiu Shengyi (Prince) have ended their love affair. Today is her first public event after breaking news. She is good at playing volleyball and guided the Olympic Hong Kong team badminton representatives Xie Yingxue and Deng Junwen volleyball movements. She interviewed Shi expressed a lot of pressure and said with a smile: “It turns out that nothing is impossible. Even I can teach to the Hong Kong team.”

Talking about the feeling of being single, she said: “OK!” Asking the reason for breaking up with the prince, is it difficult to maintain a long-distance relationship? She closed the door and refused to talk: “I have already explained it on the social platform. I hope that everyone will give us space.” But she said that the relationship with the prince should be maintained as a “normal friend”: “The social platform continues to like each other, and did not deliberately give too much in private. Sui, but will care for and support each other.”

Netizens hope that she will turn to her old love Fang Lishen (Xiao Fang). Stephy smiled and said, “Maybe the scenes we filmed before are often replayed. There are pictures first.” Xiao Fang publicly claimed to be a fan of Stephy, and Stephy said, “Thank you for being a fan of me. “Will I consider following Xiaofang Ig again? She explained: “My criteria for following is that I have cooperated, contacted, and met first to follow first. Actually, I don’t often play social platforms.” Asked if I have a relationship with Xiaofang “Normal friends”? She has reservations: “I don’t know how to describe the relationship with him, but when I meet Say Hi at work, everyone defines a friend differently.”

Asked if Stephy is going to look for Mr. Right again? She said that let it go with the flow, and will not force it. She will know and develop and plan again if she has the predestined relationship, and she will work temporarily. Regarding the broadcast of “Men Volleyball and Women Generals” on American TV, she said with pleasure: “I never thought I could rush out of Hong Kong. I hope to have the opportunity to make a sequel or a movie version.”

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