Discover the source of “Baguette”, France’s intangible cultural heritage.

France apply for status baguette bread as cultural heritage for the institutionunesco at the beginning of 2021

and on 30 Nov. unesco Publication for registration The “culture and manner of the French baguette” is an intangible cultural heritage.

president Emmanuel Macron France said… baguette is 250 grams of magic and perfection It is one of the most important symbols of France.

Making baguettes is like making art. (Cr.

baguette Translated as stick, batong means stick, stick, with the look of a stick. Made with wheat flour, water, salt and yeast, the ingredients are simple if cultural. and lifestyleFrance

French people don’t eat, but croissants if baguette It is one of the French style breakfasts. Unsalted bread, shaped like a log, with chevron markings, crunchy on the outside, hard and soft on the inside, easy to slice or tear. Toasted or broiled with butter and served with soup or coffee.

(Cr. RudolfSimon/

The French government pushed baguette registered ascultural heritage fearing that the recipe for making baguettes will disappear with time because it has been reported that Around 400 bakers who make traditional bread in the country close every year, and the government plans to establish a “baguette day” to preserve the recipe and promote the occupation of traditional bakers.


Open Source How Old is a Baguette :

Started in 1920: The origin of log-shaped bread not clearly identified But food historians are finding evidence that it was invented in the 1920s in Paris, and as soon as they discovered it, they were. French law that Baguettes must be made with wheat flour, salt, sugar and (only) yeast. And it must be 65 centimeters long, some people can make it up to 1 meter long, and the bread must be baked within the area to be sold.

(Cr.Raphael Nogueira on Unsplash)

The rule is not to bake from 10pm until 4am the next day, which is related to a law that prohibits people from coming to work before 4am. Only this time the bread won’t cook in time for breakfast because traditional French bread is a round, fat loaf called a “boule”.

but baguette It helped solve the problem because it cooked faster than other shapes of bread. At 4 am, we started baking and finished it in time for the workers’ breakfast.


Let’s start with an Austrian baker: Another record says Around the beginning of the 19th century, Austrian bakers address in Paris August sang (August Zang) ordered a pastry oven from Austria. to make croissants and viennois, a puff-like Viennese pastry) and later baked. baguette

Such pastry ovens can bake baguettes. To have a crispy outer skin or crust, soft, sticky, hollow inside, which gives the bread a special character. french people like


Starting with Napoleon’s generals: Napoleon Bonaparte (Nopoleon Bonaparte) is known as the inventor of bread. baguette According to the information He ordered a baker to make a long loaf of bread to make it easy for the soldiers to carry, carry and carry around with them. When it came time to cut it into pieces with a knife , they were easy to eat.

Let’s start with the construction workers: Workers on the French subway are often at war with each other, many of them carrying knives as weapons. to prevent injury The building manager asked a baker to make bread that was easy to eat by hand. Baguette Bi or tear easily without a knife. Reducing the problem of workers carrying knives Solving potential violence problems

French bread is popular with garlic bread. (

French Bread Vs Baquette, the same or different?

baguette Authentic French original, weighing 250 grams or over 500 grams, diameter 5-6 cm (2-2.5 inches), length about 65 cm (26 inches) or more than 1 meter (39 inches).

Priced at 1 euro per baguette, it has been called the equality bread (Bread of Equality) because it is bread that is easily accessible to all classes of people.

open sandwich baguette (

But today the French eat less. but it still has a baker Making 16 million baguettes every day

The French cut it diagonally to make a sandwich, it’s called toast or “open faced sandwiches” Some people simply cut them up, spread them with jam, butter, pâté, cheese, dip them in soup, put them in coffee or hot chocolate. have breakfast

baguette with soup (

French bread That’s what the British call a baguette. French people say there are different sizes. And it has a softer outer skin Thick slices are popular, spread with grilled butter. or make garlic bread

eg short and thick like a rugby The British call it a “torpedo” or make a small and thin fiddle or a very long flute.

and there are many formulas Add a variety of ingredients, such as whole wheat flour, sourdough, rye flour, soy flour, some with milk, butter, malt, sugar, etc.


Some make baguettes with poppy seeds, add cereal, add grain, butrules ofbaguette It’s just wheat flour, water, salt and yeast.


Baguette Sandwich Recipe: A standard baguette cut in half is called a baguette. demi-baquette Popular to make sandwiches cut in half, stuffed with vegetables, onions, tomatoes, cheese, various meats called “submarine sandwiches” and they have a variety of names in each country, such as hoagie, hero, grinder, wedge, spuckie, torpedo

Baguette Sandwich (Cr. Onder Ortel on Unsplash)

French people eat 320 baguettes every second, 30 million bags a day.


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