Disgusting girl, junior high school brother, forced to “shower together” and the mother also takes sides Listen to reason

A high school girl complains that her younger brother still wants to take a shower with her. Even after high school Also, the mother is on the younger brother’s side. Chun accidentally shouted until his father had to come to clear him.

As men and women are different, even family members should respect each other. Recently, there is a story about a female high school student complaining that she is growing up and wants to take a separate bath, but her junior high school brother does not understand, and her mother still thinks it is not a problem.

A girl from Taiwan revealed the story on an anonymous forum of “Dcard” She said that she used to take a shower with her younger brother since childhood. and will discuss and exchange issues in the meantime But now she has grown up. As for the younger brother, he went to junior high school. But the younger brother would rather disagree, claiming that “How many times have I seen yours?”

And suddenly the younger brother ran to complain to the mother. By lying that she has a boyfriend and so she doesn’t want to take a shower together anymore So, she was confused by her mother. The misunderstanding about her boyfriend was finally cleared up. “Then go have a shower with your sister. So that there won’t be any problems” which made her very embarrassed. But she doesn’t know how to persuade her mother and brother to let her bathe.

As soon as this article was published online. Netizens expressed their opinion in the same direction. “It’s very strange. It’s not normal for a high school girl to shower with a high school boy”, “Your family doesn’t respect you at all”, “Don’t be shy to say no, think why he dare ask you to something difficult. I don’t like it, I don’t like it. You don’t have to force yourself!”

Later, the owner of the post updated the summary of the story In the end, he stubbornly refused. Accidentally, the sound was too loud to the point that it became a shout. And because she hardly ever despises her younger brother. making the younger brother very sad While the parents rushed in to see when they heard the noise. And this time my mother had to compromise by suggesting that “Then take a separate type. Don’t shout at each other. “It’s embarrassing to take a shower with you when you grow up!” before trying to explain so your son doesn’t think too much.

In the end, although the younger brother looked very sad. But she was glad that the problem was finally solved.


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