Doctor warned! infected with COVID-19 25% more risk of hyperlipidemia than uninfected people

be warned! People infected with “COVID-19” have a 25% higher risk of hyperlipidemia than uninfected people, Dr. Thira reveals the results of a study by Xu E and colleagues from the United States. Recognizing extreme risks if seriously ill Even with few symptoms, it is still dangerous.

COVID-19 has been spreading for more than 3 years with many mutations. Especially from Omicron species.

However, the important point is After being infected with COVID-19 It will lead to several types of symptoms that follow.

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The risk of hyperlipidemia after infection with COVID-19

Doctor Thira said that Xu E and his team from the United States recently studied a large population

To compare between around 52,000 people who were infected with COVID-19

with a group of people who have never been infected with COVID-19, about 2.6 million people

and the population in the past before the outbreak of COVID-19, about 2.5 million people
In general, the average age is around 55-60 years, and most of them are more than 80% male.

which has been followed for more than a year

In this regard, it was found that The group of people infected with COVID-19

The risk of finding hyperlipidemia is about 25% higher than in uninfected people.

However, what is interesting is that very high risk if seriously ill

But even if infected, there are still a few symptoms that carry a higher risk than not being infected

On average, if followed for a year, there will be about 40 more people in 1,000 with hyperlipidemia than people who are not infected, or 4 people out of 100.

This is the latest information published in the Medical Journal of Diabetes and Endocrinology on January 6, 2023.

And it is one of the chronic problems or the Long COVID that should be monitored.


Doctor Theera also said that People who have been infected before, even after recovery, should take care of their health, eat well and rest.

get enough exercise notice abnormal symptoms and go for periodic health check-ups

The key is to prevent yourself from getting re-infected. because it adds every time There is also always a risk of Long COVID.

Wearing a mask correctly and consistently during everyday life will greatly reduce the risk.