Dramatic closure of conflict… “Kim Jong-in accepts general election chairman”

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People’s Power Former Vice Chairman Kim Jong-in has suddenly accepted the position of Candidate Seok-Yeol Yoon as general election chairman.

The conflict between Candidate Yoon and CEO Lee, which was amplified by President Lee’s refusal to do business, was dramatically closed at last night’s dinner meeting.

Reporter Kim Jung-in reports.

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After a dinner meeting with CEO Lee Jun-seok last night, candidate Yoon Seok-yeol made a surprise announcement saying, “Dr. Kim Jong-in has just accepted the post of general election chairman.”

Candidate Yoon said, “Kim Jong-in, general election chairman, will be in charge of all party affairs until the presidential election, and will be in charge of the election countermeasures body.”

Candidate Yoon kept quiet about the recruitment process of Chairman Kim Jong-in, and only explained that he would do his best to help Chairman Kim Jong-in on the issue of ‘adjusting the role of Kim Byung-jun’s permanent election’.

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“I don’t know about anything else, but we confirmed today that we have no other purpose than the regime change that the people really want.”

The conflict between the two people, which had been amplified for four days, was closed with the promise of strengthening communication in the future.

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“(About important matters related to the presidential election) the candidate, the party leader, and Wondae have decided to closely share all matters and strengthen direct communication…”

With regard to the direction of the election campaign, both sides said that they shared the view that active communication with the younger generation and policy actions were the most important.

Regarding the controversy over remarks that “Lee Jun-seok was trying to eat up publicity expenses,” CEO Lee concluded, “It is a grave mistake if the candidate did something that the candidate did not say,” he said.

With this, the inauguration ceremony of the election committee on Monday next week can proceed as planned, and Candidate Yoon and CEO Lee decided to start an election campaign together in Busan today.

This is Kim Jung-in from MBC News.

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