Drugs that take poorly dosed treatment… “Expand the target to those over the age of 60”

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The government has decided to expand the number of prescriptions for food treatment because there are still fewer than expected, about 100 people.

We lowered the dosing age to over 60 and added nursing facilities and infectious disease hospitals to our providers.

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Seongnam City Medical Center, Gyeonggi-do.

A 66-year-old confirmed patient who took Pfizer’s oral drug Paxrovid is receiving non-face-to-face treatment.

[재택치료 담당 의료진]

(At first, after taking the medicine, the bitter taste came up, and after about 4-5 hours, that also disappeared.)

“Oh yes. I think you should drink lukewarm water a little more often.”

At this hospital, which manages 250 home care workers, only 7 people were prescribed Paxrovid.

There are 28 types of contraindicated drugs that are contraindicated in combination, which are only for mild patients over the age of 65 and should not be taken together, so there are not many subjects.

[채윤태/성남시의료원 감염내과 전문의]

“Through non-face-to-face treatment, we ask questions about concomitant medications and other things. Finally, if it is possible to take it and the patient agrees, we will prescribe it.”

The initial amount of Paxrovid that came into Korea on the 13th was 21,000 people, and the government explained that it was prepared for up to 1,000 people a day.

However, so far, 109 people nationwide have received the drug, which is lower than planned.

The low prescription rate is also attributed to the fact that the proportion of confirmed cases among those aged 60 and over has fallen below 10% due to the effect of vaccination.

[이기일/중앙재난안전대책본부 제1통제관]

“It is true that the number of patients over the age of 65 is gradually decreasing, so the number of medications is rather small.”

For this reason, the government has decided to increase the number of people who can receive Paxrovid by lowering the current age limit of 65 or older to 60.

It is expected that the number of subjects to be administered will increase by about 30% if prescription drugs are prescribed from the age of 60.

We also included patients with confirmed cases in nursing facilities, nursing hospitals, and hospitals dedicated to infectious diseases as the target of taking medications.

The government also announced that it will make it easy for medical staff to check the medical history of confirmed patients taking contraindicated drugs, and prepare and distribute medication criteria for patients with kidney and liver failure.

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