Ecuador VS Senegal: 2022 World Cup Preview (Live)

Ecuador national team against Senegal national team

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The performance of the last 5 games


  • 11/25/22 Netherlands all time 1-1 (Center Field) World Cup 2022
  • 20/11/22 Qatar won 2-0 (away) World Cup 2022
  • 12/11/22 always Iraq friendly 0-0 (central field).
  • 27/09/22 Friendly game 0-0 (midfield) Japan always
  • 23/09/22 Friendly match 0-0 (central pitch) Saudi Arabia always


  • 25/11/22 Qatar won 3-1 (away) World Cup 2022
  • 21/11/22 lose to the Netherlands 0-2 (centre field) World Cup 2022
  • 27/09/22 Iran friendly 1-1 (central field) always
  • 24/09/22, Bolivia won 2-0 (central field), friendly match
  • 17/07/22 won Mozambique 1-1 (penalty 4-2) (midfield) Kozafa Cup

The performance of both teams

  • 2002 Ecuador lost 0-1 to Senegal (friendly)

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