fever, joint pain, mosquitoes “Chikungunya disease”, a disease caused by Aedes mosquitoes, spreads heavily during this period.

“Chikungunya Disease” (Chikungunya) or fever, joint pain, mosquitoes is a disease caused by a viral infection with Aedes mosquitoes Carriers are often accompanied by fever and joint pain. The symptoms of this disease will gradually improve on their own, so there is no specific treatment. but will focus on alleviating the symptoms that have now been identified a scourge especially in Bangkok and other provinces that are in Bangkok itself now It has been found that it increases the number of this disease The best defense is not to bite mosquitoes. destroy breeding grounds Aedes mosquitoes Especially in every house inspected. Water sources in vases, pots, or where there is standing water. It should be discarded or replaced at least once a week.

symptoms of “Chikungunya Disease”

The most common symptoms are fever and joint pain Patients may also experience fatigue, headache, nausea, muscle aches, swollen joints and a rash. what symptoms can occur after being mosquito Infection bites 3-7 days and can occur acutely. semi-acute or chronic The symptoms of the disease are often similar to some flu

Patients are usually cured “Chikungunya Disease” Within 1 week, but in some cases, joint pain can last for months or even years. Although this disease may not cause the death of the patient. But it can cause serious symptoms. especially children who have been infected since birth People over 65 and people with underlying diseases such as Blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease etc. As for the elderly who are not healthy, they may become sick to the point of death, but this is rare.

cause of “Chikungunya Disease”

“Chikungunya Disease” caused by being Aedes mosquitoes A woman infected with the virus has been bitten by a mosquito the same type that causes Dengue fever a Zika This type of mosquito can often be found during the day. especially early in the morning and late in the afternoon “Chikungunya Disease” It is a disease that spreads easily. But there is a very low chance that the baby will get it from the mother who has the disease. There have also been no reports of infection among breast-fed infants or those infected with blood transfusions.

diagnosis “Chikungunya Disease”

even symptoms “Chikungunya Disease” it can be similar to symptoms Dengue fever a Zika but if the patient has a history related to this disease living in the source of this disease a scourge with symptoms similar to this disease You should see your doctor for an examination. Your doctor may test your blood for the virus. The components of the genes found in viruses or the immunity of patients against this virus

treatment “Chikungunya Disease”

There is currently no vaccine, drug or cure. “Chikungunya Disease” specific But patients may be able to relieve symptoms caused by the disease by drinking water to prevent the body from becoming dehydrated. get enough rest Including taking medicine to reduce fever and relieve pain that occurs, such as Paracetamol, ibuprofen, naproxen etc.

Patients should not take aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs until they are sure they are not. Dengue to prevent abnormal bleeding And you should consult your doctor first if you are taking any other medicines.


Complications of “Chikungunya Disease”

Patients may develop complications such as Bleeding skin blisters Some patients may have symptoms similar to rheumatoid arthritis In the following months, for example Joint pain, arthritis, tendonitis etc.

In addition, some patients may have some serious but less common complications, such as meningitis, retinitis, myocarditis, hepatitis, nephritis, meningitis. brain and spinal cord cranial nerve palsy and Guillain-Barre syndrome, etc.

a defense “Chikungunya Disease”

People who live or have to travel to countries with wide “Chikungunya Disease” It can prevent infection by:

– Be careful not to bite mosquitoes. by wearing long sleeves and long pants

– Use insect repellants or mosquito coils which may help keep mosquitoes indoors.

– Stay in a room with screened doors and windows. or a sealed room with air conditioning

– Young children, sick people or the elderly who sleep during the day Sleeping in a mosquito net or a room with mosquito nets to prevent mosquito bites.

– Elimination of breeding grounds mosquito such as natural bodies of water Containers with still water, etc.

– in places where the disease spreads Insecticides can be sprayed to kill mosquitoes and mosquito larvae in the water sources where mosquitoes are abundant.


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