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“Forever Tribulation” 16-man martial arts battle mode is opened, “Challenge Certificate” invites heroes from all walks of life to win the championship | 4Gamers

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The exciting Tianren Cup Challenge in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan of “Forever Tribulation” has just come to an end. On October 14th, a new gameplay mode “Budo Contends” was launched in the game, which will give players the opportunity to compete heads-up. The successive launches of new activities, gameplay and heroes have refreshed players, and praised them for a great time.

The new gameplay “Budo Fighting Front” is a competitive gameplay in which 16 players participate and advance to the championship round by round. Compared with the regular Chosen mode, it pays more attention to the pure operation skill level under one-on-one conditions. 16 players enter the “Budo Fighting Front” gameplay and will fight their opponents at various venues in Jukuzhou. The winner will gradually advance until the final champion is selected.

Players must change their heroes and weapons in each round of the game, so they must be very familiar with the heroes and weapons in order to win.

Since the gameplay of “Budo Contender” is a round-by-round promotion, in order to test the player’s comprehensive ability, players must choose their own heroes and weapons before the start of each round. They cannot repeatedly choose heroes and weapons until the finals. That is, each round must choose a different hero weapon from the previous one. If you want to go to the end, it is not enough to rely on your own hero weapon. You must also understand the characteristics of each hero and weapon.

In addition, all heroes’ secrets in the “Budo Fight” gameplay will be disabled, making the gameplay more exciting and exciting, and avoiding the embarrassing situation of the game becoming a battle of secrets.


The “Budo Fight” gameplay has been officially launched, and all players can experience the new gameplay in the game. The official website of Forever Jie Wujian also issued a challenge to players on its official Facebook account. As long as you win and share related videos to Facebook, you will have a chance to win big prizes.

Challenge certificate

Games dedicated to action technology competition like “Forever Tribulation” are rare in today’s market. The reason why “Forever Tribulation” can become popular globally in a short time is that in addition to top game graphics and game quality, it has been continuously launched The various types of gameplay that allow players to have a new experience, and exploration of “pure competitive gameplay” such as martial arts competition must also be an important reason.

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