Freesia, who coolly admitted plastic surgery, her childhood photos are even more surprising

Attention was focused on the childhood photos of model and YouTuber Freesia (Jia Song).

Below is Freesia’s Instagram

Freesia confessed through her YouTube channel that she had undergone plastic surgery in the past. At the time, he said, “I had nose surgery when I was in high school. I didn’t touch my double eyelids and lips.”

Freesia’s childhood photos are attracting attention.

Young Freesia’s face is not much different from what it is now. Big eyes and facial features are almost the same as they are now.

Freesia also revealed that among her parents, she resembles her father more.

Among celebrities, he is often criticized for being similar to singer Won-Young Jang, Jennie, and actress Chae-Young Han.

Freesia is currently appearing on Netflix’s ‘Solo Hell’. His YouTube channel subscribers are about 770,000.



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