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From eyeball tattoos to finger amputation… People who risked their lives for plastic surgery

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[이데일리 이선영 기자] While people who have recently undergone plastic surgery, such as transplanting gold and jewelry, are attracting attention, a French man who changed his appearance with tattoos and plastic surgery to look like an alien this time in the name of making weird toenails Two fingers are cut off, giving a shock.

According to the New York Post on the 22nd (local time), Anthony Lofredo (32), also known as a ‘black alien’, recently had plastic surgery in Mexico and cut off two fingers of his left hand and made his nails look weird.

Lofredo has been recording his appearance as an alien through his ‘Black Alien Project’ Instagram account. Currently, his Instagram has 742,000 followers.

(Photo = Anthony Lofredo’s Instagram, Dan Sur’s Instagram)

On the 16th, he released a photo of his amputated finger through his account. In the published photo, the tips of the fingernails of the three fingers were sharpened after the ring and pinky fingers were sutured.

Previously, Lofredo underwent surgery to amputate his nose, upper lip, tongue, and ears, and to place implants on his forehead and cheekbones. He also had black tattoos all over his body, including his eyes. It is presumed that Lofredo cut off two fingers for more dramatic body changes.

Lofredo told a foreign media outlet that he had only achieved 34% of his goal of becoming an alien. However, it was not known about the type of additional surgery or not.

Meanwhile, according to US Yahoo News in September, Mexican rapper Dan Sur had a gold chain implanted in his head in April. “I became the first rapper in the history of mankind to have a gold hair transplant,” he said.

Dan Sur was not the only one who transplanted gold and jewels into the skin. Famous American rapper Lil Uzi-Bert recently put more than 27 billion diamonds on his forehead and then ripped it off by fans during a concert.


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