From tomorrow, the humanitarian number for help in the treatment of Magdalena Vlaški will be active

Magdalena Vlaški, an eight-year-old girl from Trnovo, has a malignant disease and is currently being treated at the Clinical Center of Serbia in Belgrade.

After that, her treatment should continue abroad, for which it is necessary to collect around 300,000 euros.

Starting tomorrow, April 1, a humanitarian number has been opened in the MTL network 1413 which will be active during April and to which you can donate one KM for Magdalena’s treatment abroad.

Payments to the account can be made to the number 5520001975658815, Adiko bank in the name of Zorica Dursun.

Payments from abroad can be made to account BA395520042024593761, also in the name of Zorica Dursun.

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