General Choi Jin-sil’s son Choi Hwan-hee and his drinking friend 67 bottles… Year-end meaning NO Godfather

Photo = Captured from KBS2’s ‘Godfather’

‘God Parter’ Choi Hwan-hee revealed that the end of the year has no special meaning.

The meeting between KCM and Choi Hwan-hee was depicted in the KBS2 entertainment program ‘New Family Relations Certificate, Godfather’ (hereafter ‘Godfather’), which was broadcast on the 19th.

On the last day of 2021, Choi Hwanhee visited a PC room. Choi Hwan-hee said, “I don’t really care about the end of the year. It was a day to go to a PC room automatically.” While playing the game, KCM called, but Choi Hwan-hee did not answer the call. Hwanhee later said in an interview, “There are important moments when playing a game. If you are twisted, you can lose the game you were winning. If you are winning and then answer the phone, you feel bad.”

KCM said, “Did you go to the PC room alone on the 31st?” and headed to the PC room with Choi Hwan-hee. KCM also got a phone call while playing the game that Hwanhee Choi told me. KCM, who ended the call right away, sympathized with Choi Hwan-hee, who said that he could not answer calls during the game.

After leaving the PC room, the two headed to KCM’s house. KCM revealed that it had invited hip-hop musicians to her house for Choi Hwan-hee. He said, “The theme of today’s meeting is ‘Musician’s Night’. Isn’t Fanehi debuting in 2020? We invited musicians to be of some help as a singer and a musician.”

The musicians who came to KCM’s house were Kim Jung-min and Shori. Kim Jung-min and Choi Hwan-hee were the spherical people they met during the ‘Men’s Qualifications’ choir special. When Kim Jung-min wondered how much Choi Hwan-hee was drinking, Choi Hwan-hee said, “My friend and I drank 6-7 bottles.” Contrary to what Hwanhee Choi expected, “I would be able to share my musical concerns,” he burst into laughter, saying, “It was shocking” at ‘Musician’s Night’, which flows according to the flow of consciousness.

By Kim Ji-won, staff reporter for Ten Asia [email protected]

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