Get to know First-Khaotang From true friends to a duo with perfect chemistry in the Cat The Eclipse series.

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2. Khaotang Thanawat Rattanakitpaisan

Born on October 13, 1998, 23 years old, currently studying for a bachelor’s degree. Chiang Mai University Faculty of Medical Technology, height 174 centimeters, past work, “Khao Tang”, there are many series, whether it is my uncle, Blacklist, secret students, blacklist, because we are together, Ton Chonlathi , because we are (still) together. , Tales of Thousand Stars , 55:15 Never too late , Kath The Eclipse and the Chicken Moon Of all the series that “Khao Tang” has shown, it can be said that it is known more and more .

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Besides the show “Khao Tang” He also has the ability to sing until there are two singles for the series, Never to Late Ost.55:15 Never to Late and Klad (OVER THE MOON) Ost.Kath The Eclipse .

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For the past work of “Khao Tang” What we tend to see every time is dedication, determination, and “Khao Tang” tends to have more and more intentions with each job accepted. We have to admit that she is a person who plays emotional scenes very well. Because of the drama scene Personally, I was dropped by Nong Khao Tang from the series. because we are together for this “Khao Tang” will be a little funny. Taking a role as a mentor with the main character is a very cute performance. Slap the pearls like a bob. Until the latest work “Cat The Eclipse” in the episode of “solstice”, a young boy came to break the rules. And to find out who is the cause of “Dika” his uncle to commit suicide through the character “longitude” will be a person who speaks frankly. Whatever you think, you can say it freely. And it has a very high splendor, which “Khao Tang” itself has conveyed very well. I think that the splendor that the younger brother shows is very cool.

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If we want to talk about the first joint performance of “First – Khao Tang” and it can be called a very perfect chemistry. Since the actors of the story have been revealed, it has to be said. The two sisters have been close friends for about 5 years, which is a very long time. Makes acting in the story look very real. Whether it’s a scene that has to pinch each other A scene that needs to be told well or even a scene that requires empathy The younger siblings can express their expression in their eyes, facial expressions and gestures just like the ones who really love each other. It allows us to see how natural they are when communicating with each other. and saw the mass of love from both of them very clearly When we see behind the scenes, we can see the encouragement. and two brothers admiring each other which is very good in our opinion until there were many moments when “First-Khaotang” has joined the program SafeHouseSS4, showing that they care about each other all the time with “First” getting a hand injury. This makes it quite difficult to do many activities, but “Khao Tang” will always be by his side, not far away until the moment “Khao Tang is so cute” from the voice at the end of “First” until that the elders have to do an interview, feel cute to make the fans completely satisfied

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Anyway, follow the children’s work too. We believe that the cuteness, brightness, warmth of the children and the various moments in the series will make it not difficult for everyone to fall in love with them.

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