“Grim Guardians: Demon Purge”, the new work of the “Blue Thunder” team, participated in the Steam New Product Festival and opened a limited time demo.

INTI CREATES announced that its 2D action game “Girl Magic Net (provisional translation, original name: Grim Guardians: Demon Purge / グリム・グーディアンズデーモンパージ)” will participate in the new version of Demon Festival and Demon Limited participating. time trial; official release of the latest version at the same time as the machine play show video.

“Girls Demon Net” is a 2D side-scrolling action game about two female high school student sisters who work as “demon hunters (悪魔ハンター)” in order to restore the school that has become a demon city. . In the game, the player will control the elder sister “Kamizono Shinobi” who uses submachine guns as the main weapon and is good at long distance attacks, and the younger sister “Kamizono Maya” who is good at attacks close, and move on to the depths of the level where the boss demon remains in full force. While exploring Devil’s City, try to find out the truth behind the scenes about why the school became Devil’s City, what happened to the students, and more.

The official pointed out that “Girl Magic Net” is equivalent to 2 people playing at the same time. In addition to executing 2 characters at the same time to make coordinated actions, there is also a “style system” that allows players to freely choose the difficulty level, and as multiple rounds of play AND the change in game content and other elements.

In conjunction with the Steam New Product Festival, the team will open the demo version of “Girl Mojing” for a limited period from now until February 13. In this test version, two BOSSes will be provided for players to challenge, and both single-player and multiplayer co-op play will be supported.

Product Information

  • Game name: Grim Guardians: Demon Purge

  • Game platform: Boxed version: Nintendo Switch
    Download version: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
    Xbox One , Xbox Series X | S , Steam (PC)

  • Game Genre: Action

  • Game Rating: Supplementary Level 15

  • Number of players: 1 to 2 people

  • Publication date: Boxed version: March 23, 2023 (Thursday)
    Download version: February 23, 2023 (Thursday)

  • Suggested retail price:

    • Boxed limited edition NT$2290 / HK$628

    • Regular boxed version NTD 1190 / HKD 323

    • Download version NT$930 / HK$220

  • Boxed Limited Edition Bundle Contents: “Girl Mo Jing” full-color settings dataset.
    “Girl Mo Jing” Original Soundtrack CD (1 disc)
    “Sister Swap!” Acrylic Key Ring

  • Boxed version order bonus: A4 folder


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