‘Haland’ go away! 10 statistics help identify ‘Rashford’ as the hottest football player right now.

Uncover 10 incredible stats that clearly indicate that Red Devils striker Marcus Rashford is the hottest player in form. after the 2022 World Cup

The 25-year-old British striker is doing great. when can go ahead and break the door for “Red Devils” Manchester United continuously Ever since the end of the war World Cup 2022 That is why he created many interesting statistics. Until it becomes the proof and confirmation of being Marcus Rashford Is a player with the hottest playing form at the moment

1. Rashford has already reached the opponent’s goal 10 goals from 10 games in all competitions since the end of the 2022 World Cup This is considered to be the first footballer from the 5 major European leagues to do so.

2. This season Rashford has scored 18 goals including all items He is second only to Erling Haaland who has scored only 31 goals. But if you count from the end of the World Cup, he can score more goals (10 goals) than Haaland (8 goals).

3. Rashford comes The first Manchester United player to score in 7 consecutive games in all competitions. Not since Cristiano Ronaldo did that in April 2008 after he scored the winning goal against the Blues.

4. In addition, Rashford’s goal also made it a First Manchester United player to score in 9 consecutive home games Ever since Dennis Violett did it in 1959.

5. Rashford Can score goals in all competitions this season These include the Premier League (9 goals), FA Cup (1 goal), Carabao Cup (5 goals), UEFA Europa League (3 goals) and the World Cup (3 goals).

6. Rashford An average of 0.62 goals scored per game in all competitions. (18 goals in 29 games), the most he has scored in his entire career. He previously had the best record of 0.5 goals per game in the 2019/20 season.

7. Of 9 goals in the league, Rashford It is likely to aim up to 9.2. which is the biggest in the Manchester United team

8. From the performance of 5 goals in 4 games in the Carabao Cup battle, Rashford has become The first Manchester United player to score no less than 5 goals in this tournament. since Carlos Tevez scored six goals in 2008/09.

9. In Rashford’s UEFA Europa League Had an average eligibility score from the WhoScored website as high as 7.54. which is the biggest in the Manchester United team

10. Rashford this season 35 successful dribbles past opponents which is the biggest in the Manchester United team


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