Hankyoreh, the straight man of ‘Heart Signal 4’, cooks seaweed soup for Kim Ji-young [별별TV]

Reporter Lee Bitnari | 2023.06.02 23:39

/Photo = ‘Heart Signal Season 4’ broadcast screen

‘Heart Signal 4’ Seaweed soup cooked by Hankyoreh for Kim Ji-young.

In Channel A’s entertainment program ‘Heart Signal 4’, broadcast on the 2nd, the signal house was built on the 3rd day from the residents who learned each other’s occupations and ages.

On this day, the Hankyoreh boiled seaweed soup for Kim Ji-young, but was disappointed to hear that he was returning home late. Except for Kim Ji-young, the other residents refilled the seaweed soup, saying, “Can I eat more?” In response, MC Mimi said, “What should I do?” and worried about the Hankyoreh.

Kim Ji-min recommended to Kim Ji-young, who returned home late, “Eat a bowl of seaweed soup. There is only one bowl.” However, Kim Ji-young said, “I want to change clothes first” and moved.

On the other hand, Kim Ji-min admitted, “I don’t usually eat seaweed soup,” saying that he would tell a surprising story to the gathered residents. Lee Joo-mi said, “You eat two bowls.” Kim Ji-min praised it, saying, “It was that delicious.”

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